Enermax Twister 120mm Fans Review


Now with Wings!

There are numerous options out there for cooling your case.  The last I checked everyone and their mother had a fan that was meant to “optimize” the effective cooling by having different blade shapes, or floating magnetic movement opposed to ball bearing movement.  And then there are sizes… LOTS of sizes.  Everyone’s fan is better than anyone else’s, and the world of cooling has been revolutionized by simply changing the shape of a plastic blade and punching a few holes here and there.  Kind of makes you wonder what, if anything, is changed about such minor alterations.

The thing is, that as minor as these changes are to those who don’t design fans for a living, simply changing the shape of the blades could easily add much more airflow, reducing the need for the blades to spin faster, thus creating a quieter PC for us all.  That’s what Enermax did.  They got their brilliant monstrous brains together and came up with a fan that could keep our cases cold while providing much less noise in the mix.  They called it the Twister, which I thought was a silly name for a fan.  But you know, who cares if their naming skills suck?  They designed one hell of a cool fan.  Here are some details on it:

  • Revolutionary “TWISTER” Bearing Technology with double lifetime than 2 ball-bearings
  • Batwing Blade Design and Carved Halo Frame for extra 20% ~ 30% airflow.
  • PWM fan speed control to keep your system silent and cool all the time
  • Patented “FAIRY” Frame structure with aluminum for enhanced stability
  • Carved “HALO” Frame for minimum noise
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning
  • “ECLIPSE” LED for switching on/off the light
  • Sleeved cables against wire cluttered
Specification Value
Model UCCL12
Speed (RPM) 500 to 1200
Features PWM, LED on/off switch
Voltage 12V Current 0.5
Flow (Max) (CFM 23.83 tp 53.02
Pressure (Max) (mm-H2O) 0.483 to 1.073
Noise db(A) 8 to 14
Frame Color white (modular), clear (modular), black (modular)
Black Color white, clear, red
Dimensions 120x120x25mm

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