Enermax MaxRevo EMR1350EWT 1350W Power Supply Review


True enthusiasts know that their selection of power supplies is limited. High output units that deliver well over 1000W of power just don’t have the demand that the 700-850W units do and as such, we don’t see a new, full blown enthusiast grade power supply hit the market that often. Today, however, is one of those glorious days where we get to put something to the test for those that demand large amounts of high quality power and won’t settle for anything less. We’ve got Enermax’s new MaxRevo 1350W power supply on the bench and it promises to be just what any enthusiast needs.

Enermax is known for their quality, enthusiast grade, high output power supplies and the new MaxRevo 1350W is one of the highest capacity power supplies they’ve ever produced. Those interested in something bigger will be happy to know that Enermax also released a 1500W MaxRevo unit alongside the 1350W model. Even at full load, the MaxRevo claims to maintain 80Plus Gold efficiency, next generation connectors, 100% Japanese capacitor construction and much more. Let’s take a look at some specifications and get started with the MaxRevo 1350W.

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