Enermax CSX305ILS Case Review



Enermax is probably best known for their power supplies but lately they have been expanding into other areas of computers. They have started selling some really cool cases and are moving more to the case modding section of cases rather than the plain old boring beige boxes.

This case comes in either black or aluminum silver, it is made out of 0.77mm Japanese SGCC steel, has 7 expansion slots, and comes with a P4 Power Up 350W power supply. It comes with a lot of really nice features which include front access USB 2.0 & mic and headphones input, 5″ sound sensitive blue neon light, Enermax logo side window, power button illuminate (Blue), light blue acrylic front cover over aluminum layer.

The case comes in the sme kind of box that the Enermax CS-003-A106 case that I previously reviewed. The case is also packed in the same fassion having strafoam on the top and the bottom of the case to protect it during shipping and a plastic bag around it to keep it from getting scratched. Oh, and don’t worry, there isn’t a black hole in the box I just cut out the UPS label with my address on it.

The front of the case has blue acrylic on it and looks really cool, it also is protected by a piece of plastic so that it won’t get scratched during shipping or when you take it out of the box and are setting it all up. I really like that they put effort into protecting this case because it really sucks when you buy something that is nice and you take it out and within the first 5 minutes it is already scratched up.

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The back of the case has 2 cutouts for 80mm fans which is really nice but as you can see the cutouts are not very good because so much of area is covered up by metal, I would suggest cutting out the hole to maximize air flow. The case comes with a 350W power supply which we will look at later, you can also see at the bottom of the case there is a red button which is the on and off switch for the neon inside of the case. It’s cool that Enermax included the switch for the neon but its kind of a pain for it to be in the back of the case because you are going to have to reach around each time to turn it on and off.

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The top of the case has a blowhole cutout which accommodates an 80mm fan, again the problem with the blowhole is so much airflow is being blocked by the metal in the way. Because the blowhole cutout is not in the shape of a circle it would be hard to cut it out so that it would look good and so that airflow could flow freely. The best bet would be to make the hole 92mm so that you could make it look nice and to have more air being pulled out of the case.

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The side of the case is really cool looking, Enemax decided to cut out a window in the shape of their logo and install a blue transparent 80mm case fan right in the middle of it. Both the window and the fan are tinted blue so that they go along with the color scheme of the case. The window is attached by 8 rivets around the edge of the window. \

I really like the design and construction of all of this, not only is the cutout really nice and smooth, but the rivets look really nice. I also like that they put a fan on the side of the case rather than none or just more window. They really did a great job with the quality on this part.

The case has built in front USB 2.0 and has a jack for a mic and headphones. There is also a cutout for a firewire port but if you want to use it you are going to have to buy an add-on or make one yourself. The power and reset button are nice and big which I always like because I hate searching around for the button in the dark. Not only is the button big and cool looking but it lights up blue when powered on which is really cool.

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