Enermax CS-5866 Case Review



As the modding scene has grown from enthusiastic Dremmel freaks to manufacturers, customized products are becoming commonplace. These pre-modded products can now be found in retail stores, with varying quality between them.

Some case manufacturers have been producing pre-modded cases with windows and other bells-and-whistles, but either they are very expensive, or look bad. The Enermax CS-5866 is an affordable pre-modded case. It comes with a factory cut window design, front panel connectors, sturdy construction, and other details that add up to a quality product. This case is available in two styles; completely white, or white with blue accents.


The package arrived quickly from UPS, intact with all its FRAGILE stickers. Opening the box reveals the case wrapped in plastic and completely surrounded by Styrofoam sheets. After removing the foam and plastic, we see that the plexi-glass has been protected with adhesive plastic sheets, which were easily peeled off. The side-panel fan came pre-installed, as did the 350-watt power supply.

Number of 3½ bays 1
Number of 5¼ bays 5
Number of hidden bays 4
Number of case fans supported 3
Construction Material 0.7mm metal
Power Supply Included 350 Watt
Special Features Blue crystal LED side fan, factory cut acrylic window, front USB 2.0 ports, audio in/out ports, durable finish
Size 480 x 200 x 430 mm
Estimated Cost $59