Enermax Aurora Micro Aluminum Keyboard Review


A mini tank

Some users just like really tiny keyboards.  Personally I am an ergonomic fan, so the wider my hands can be apart, the better.  For those who like tiny keyboards (programmers love them for some odd reason), then you’ll be glad to know that there’s finally one that’s built like a tank: the Enermax Aurora Micro.  This review was actually written using this keyboard entirely, in addition to some all-day testing.

At first look, the keyboard is very attractive.  While the bottom of the keyboard is a sturdy plastic, the top frame is brushed aluminum, which has been anodized pitch black.  On the left and right sides of the keyboard are single USB 2.0 ports, for a total of two expansion slots.  These can easily be used to plug in a USB drive, mouse, or other peripheral.  The keyboard’s cable is of adequate length and rather thick for a keyboard.


  • Brushed aluminum with diamond cut edges:the utmost in keyboard design
  • Windows Vista support:integrated Windows Vista Start Button
  • 6 Office Hotkeys:integrated 6 Hot Keys(Open+ Save+ Print+ Cut+ Copy+ Paste)
  • 6 dedicated Internet Hotkeys:Back + Forward+ Search+ Home+ My Favorite +Mail
  • “SCISSORS” key switch technology (patented):the most comfortable & responsive typing experience available today
  • 10 million keystroke lifespan: built for years
  • 2 high speed USB2.0 ports:for maximum connectivity right on your desk
  • 3 height level rubbered stands:decide your perfect height for the best typing experience ever
  • Extended wrist rest:reducing typing stress & typing errors, while increasing comfort to your wrists
  • Industrial design & components:world leading engineering quality and lifetime
  • Everlasting key top printing:no bleaching out of key caps possible
  • Zero degree angle:increasing your typing experience
  • Flat key caps:shortest typing distance
  • Ultra flat profile:minimum height design
  • 0.8kgs/ 1.76lbs heavy: it won’t move while typing
  • Instant connection: no driver necessary
  • 320mm (L)  x 183mm (W)  x 26mm (H)
  • 1.76lbs