Enermax Apollish Case Fans


One Bright MoFo

Enermax is constantly impressing me with their case fans.  When I reviewed the Enermax Twister a few months ago, I was so impressed by their quiet cooling power that I left them in my case and put my NZXT fans in a server case.  And now I get the pleasure of checking out the Apollish line of Enermax fans.  Here’s a little info on them before we delve into the enigma that is the Apollish.

Enermax stunned the world with the release of its patented “Twister” bearing technology featured inside the critically acclaimed Everest, Cluster, and Magma fans.  Now we strive to being more innovation to the PC fan by introducing the brand new “Apollish” Twister bearing LED fan!  The Apollish is something the computing world has never seen or imagined, featuring a patented circular type LED design that is up to FOUR times brighter than any conventional LED fan on the market today.  The beautiful Shining Sputtering Finish refracts light from the ring LEDs creating mesmerizing trails of light streams converging towards the rotational apex.  Truly a sight to behold, pictures simply do not do this fan justice!  The Apollish comes complete with all features expected from Enermax patented “Twister” technology including our detachable fan blades made possible only with our “Twister” bearing fans.  Want something to make your PC stand out while keeping it refined?  Look no further, the Enermax Apollish fan is here!  Comes in various different colors to match your personality and color scheme of your PC.

  • Patented circular type LED up to 4 times brighter
  • Shining sputtering finish with glossy mirror-like coating
  • Twister bearing technology with long lifetime and low noise
  • Detachable fan blade
  • Optimized thermal control setting @ 25C~55C
  • LED on/off function
  • Isolator-mounts for shockproof and quick installation
Model UCAP12-S (silver)
Speed (RPM) 700 – 1700
Bearing type Twister Bearing
Voltage 12V
Input Power 4.2W
Flow (MAX) 28.98 to 71.76 CFM
Pressure (MAX) 0.853 to 2.03
Noise dB(A) 15
Frame Finish Sputtering coating
LED type circular
Lifetime (hours) 100,000
Dimensions 120x120x25mm

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