Enermax Aeolus CP001 Notebook Cooler Review


God of the Winds?

Notebook computers tend to get hot.  Some are even considered to be “desktop replacements” because of all the advanced hardware thrown into such a small space.  With desktop systems, we have the luxury of adding large and advanced heatsinks with fancy LED fans, but laptops pretty much have to rely on the OEM cooling that the manufactuer has decided is “good enough”.

Enermax says “nay” to this philosophy and introduces the Aeolus CP001 notebook cooler, which is made from all aluminum, and has a large 250mm fan to blow a lot of air to the underside of your notebook and remain silent while doing it.  The fan is also equipped with blue LEDs to produce a nice glow in your man-cave.  Aeolus is the god of the winds, in Greek Mythology, so Enermax apparently thinks highly of this product.

  • Integrated slim monster fan
    up to 22 degrees cooling performance
  • Wide cooling area
    no more hot spots on NB as with small fan cooling pad
  • Adjusted fan speed
    high/low/off fan speed control
  • 5 blue LEDs with on/off function
    matching your style
  • Massive brushed aluminum
    highest durability and lifetime
  • Diamond-cut edges
    timeless design
  • Full size wrist rest
    minimum pressure on your wrists while typing
  • Ergonomic angle
    tilted angle for maximum typing comfort
  • 4 rubber feet
    prevent scratches on any desk
  • Heavy
    1.3kgs won’t move while typing
  • USB power
    no extra power supply needed
  • Compatible up to 17″NB (wide screen)

The Aeolus Notebook cooler is rather attractive.  The frame is one solid piece of black anodized aluminum, and has been shaped to form a wrist rest and cooling pad.  The cooling pad is a metal mesh, which is screwed in place on the underside and allows unrestricted airflow to its large 10-bladed cooling fan.  The underside of the cooler has four large rubber feet, to help prevent slippage. The Aeolus can easily accomodate large notebooks, but anything larger than 15″ will hang off the edges slightly.

The back of the unit has a USB connector, 3-way fan speed switch, and LED switch.  The fan is powered by your laptop’s USB port via the included USB passthrough cable.  Once plugged in, the fan can be switched between High, Low, and Off.  The fan’s five blue LEDs can be toggled on with the press of the LED on/off button.

The fan is so quiet that I actually had to feel underneath the pad to make sure it was working.  There is no LED indicator that the fan is powered, so if you have the fan’s LEDs off then you may not be certain that the pad is actually cooling your laptop.  When the fan is switched into High mode, it is slightly audible, but your attached notebook is likely louder, so the pad’s fan will hardly be noticable.