Energy Drink Shootout

I started to write an article in January 2006 with a “Energy Drink Shootout”. I even bought some acrylic ice cubes like they do when doing liquor photo shoots… I just never got around to finishing it.

I’m glad I could finally do an energy drink article.

It’s really weird how Bawls has permeated the LAN party scene… it’s really the only energy drink I’ve seen there. Other energy drinks don’t taste like soda… Sobe’s stuff tastes like cat urine and anything with Taurine tastes like cow bile. Although Red Bull mixes really well with certain spirits…

Coca cola’s “Full Throttle” tastes like lemon soap… ick.

There was one that was really tasty called “Wired XXX B12 shot”… it kept me up all night without feeling tired… I was just “awake”.

Anyone want to share their energy drink experiences?

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