Enable Hidden Boot Screen in Windows


The original Vista Bootscreen is very similar to Windows 2000, and is very bland and boring (you know, with the little catepillar bar scrolling from left-to-right).  But did you know that Vista comes with a much better highly visual bootscreen?  Did you know how easy it is to enable it?  No?

Microsoft may not have enabled this by default because of potential hardware issues, but that doesn’t make sense because the minimum video card requirements to even run Vista should handle the new bootscreen without any problem.  In either case, here is how to make Vista look that much cooler with the “Aurora” bootscreen…

1. First start by running msconfig (either from the Run dialog or Start menu search box)

2. Click on the Boot tab, and then click the “No GUI boot” checkbox. Click OK.

3. Reboot the computer and you should see the new boot screen.


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