Emulate an Android Tablet on Your PC

Emulate an Android Tablet on Your PC
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Do you want to test-drive Android apps before you buy a tablet or phone?  Is your phone too slow to play the latest Android games?  An Android emulator may be just what you need.

Currently there are two main Android emulators for PC.  You can run an Android image in VirtualBox or you can run BlueStacks.  VirtualBox will let you emulate the entire Android OS, but is very buggy.   VirtualBox will capture your mouse, much like VMware or Virtual PC, but doesn’t play well with multiple monitors (the VM must be on your primary display for mouse functionality to work properly).

If all you want to do is get up and running quickly and just run the applications, then BlueStacks is what you should use.

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  1. Dave says:

    thanks for this. I have to test my applications for tablets and this makes testing for compatibility easy !

  2. ocmodshop says:

    Yeah, I have to test for Google Chrome on Android, but Chrome requires Ice Cream Sandwich (Android OS 4.x). BlueStacks doesn't seem to support this OS yet, so Chrome won't install. Have to use VirtualBox to run Chrome for app testing. I'll upload the image I use for VirtualBox shortly…

  3. ocmodshop says:

    Come to find out that BlueStacks has a bunch of embedded adware. Not only will you see "buy this app" pop up on your desktop, but you'll get redirects to targeted ads when you search in any of your browsers.

    I uninstalled BlueStacks and no longer recommend it until they remove their sneaky ad campaigns.

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