Emotionally Exhausting

Well, I didn’t really post about Steven and I’s problems…. we were unhappy from the start. It is an extremely long story, but basically I am needy and he couldn’t give me what I needed… just love and support is all I wanted. I won’t get into it because it is so exhausting.

Anyway, I found out right after I posted today that he hawked the rings two weeks ago to the jewelry store he bought them from. He made abut $600 for something I paid over 2K for, and then he spent the money. Last night he called me complaining that I owed him $16, then lied to my face that he still had the rings and hadn’t sold them today. The reason he finally told me he sold them? Because I asked for my 360 back, and he said he wasn’t going to let me change my mind about letting him keep it. So I said, “well, you changed your mind about giving me my rings back” and he said that he didn’t have them anymore anyway. He said I didn’t deserve them and that this way there was nothing else that could be hung over his head.
I was hysterically pissed. Of course, just another one of my things that he profited from….from my bedroom set, to my 360, to presents my family got me for the wedding that he claimed as his, to now… the rings.
It wasn’t the sentimental value or anything, it’s just that he made money off of something I slaved away for…and then blew it…and lied. So who is up for tire slashing?

Alan and Firehunter… I dropped 2K on them, and that was with a sweet deal. It’s a one carat total three stone ring with white gold band. So I don’t know what to do about it…apparently he wants to hawk them because he is broke. Or because he doesn’t think I deserve them. Whatever. My mom said I should get over it and just buy some new, larger, faster ones. Lol.

As far as my consoles go? Well, he got my 360, and made me sell the Wii to pay the bills. I’m not sure why he ended up with the 360…perhaps because I no longer have a TV and because he just took the sh*t.

Sorry guys, I’m just damn irritated. So I went at looked at more pretties yesterday. Mwa hahaha.

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