Elpato at PAX and Street Fighter IV

Word of warning to those of you going to PAX from the north (North Seattle, Canada, etc) the directions offered on the website are accurate, but they have Sennaca closed off due to construction. Nothing bad, head to the next street ahead and turn right, you can hit 8th from there. I found that out this morning when I went to pick up my badge.

So I took advantage of the Best Buy deal (buy one get another 50 percent off) and bought GTA IV and Street Fighter IV. I was going to grab Left 4 Dead, but I found that game more of a novelty and nothing I want to spend a wad of cash on. I got two great games for 60 bucks…it’s a hell of a deal.


I know, it’s like six months late, but finally I’m playing it. I like the graphics and the return to the roots of the gameplay. Having played Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for the last three months on X-box live, I was pulling my hair out with how cheap some people are. What fun is a game where you can win simply by doing the same trap/assist combo? I sit and use Guile, Akuma, and Juggy, finding openings and beating people with combos, sonic booms and the like. When i go up against Iron Man and Dr. Doom, it’s just the same cheap s**t every time. I don’t care if I sound like a noob, the unbalenced gameplay and Cable…just make the game not so much fun sometimes.

SF IV fixes a lot of that. I can find ways out of people’s traps and reinvent my offense to suit whoever I’m playing. The thing I don’t like is that some moves are too crappy, or don’t work like they’re supposed to. Allegedly, Akuma’s Raging Demon is great for punishing players, but I, and several people can’t seem to pull it off where it’s anywhere but luck to make it effective.

Which is another point-Ultra Combos are just too damn strong. Amateurs can take advantage of these and turn the tides of a match by sheer luck executing one, I would have liked better implementation of them.

Seth is a cheap bastard when you fight him, even on the easiest difficulty. Not as cheap as some people make him out to be-he’s the final boss and they are designed to make you pull your hair out. It just gets annoying when certain hits/counters are overlapped by some guy taking advantage of glitches. It was admitted that Sagat and Seth are too overpowering, and personally, if you sit and spam projectiles-they are. Luckily it isn’t as game breaking as MVC2. Some characters are just too damned good for anyone who has lower “tier” characters to have a fighting chance, no matter how good they are. You can easily overcome Sagat and Seth if you know what you’re doing-I’ve done it. Still, cheapness runs rampant in this game and it’s somthing you think Capcom would have addressed by now. It’s Street Fighter IV, I don’t need them reinventing the wheel, but maybe just once we could have a balenced game. Great game? Of course. I’m just speaking on some things that could be fixed since me saying everything that’s awesome about it would be repeating what everyone said.

I also rented Batman. Rented because I read it’s only 8 hours long and the challenges arn’t really that great. I plan on buying it when it goes to the bargain racks, but for now I figured I’d beat it and then return it. Great game-not the greatest comic book video game ever like everyone is proclaiming, but it very well could be a game of the year contender.

If you see me at PAX feel free to say hi. I’m probably going to do another review collumn this year of the show, and that is probably going to be my last ANGRY flaming collumn for quite awhile. Honestly? I’m sick of bitching about the industry. It’s apparent I’m not happy with it and we don’t need me writing flaming rants about why things suck. I’m gonna start doing collumns that focus more on good writing and less profanity. Looking at the glass half full for once I suppose.


Well until someone on X-Box Live pisses me off then you’ll hear about it.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.