El Pato and Politics

Quick political/pop culture note if you don’t mind.

Lets start with the bailout from Obama. I don’t think I need to go in just how out of control this has gone, and the administration should have done more research before approving trillions of dollars to bail out banks for loaning money to people who CAN’T pay it back. It’s the bank’s fault, say thanks to Uncle Sam for saving your ass.

But lets think about the real story here and that’s AIG. If you haven’t heard jack in a week, the short story is that they took their portion given by the government and gave bonuses to their high up executives for no reason. Essentially the government sent them money to stay in buisness and they pocketed it. Everyone freaked.

But here’s the funny thing, today a BUNCH of banks are forking over their portions of the bailout. Saying they don’t need the government’s help. I’m just gonna call them out right now. They saw what happened to AIG and they were gonna do the same thing.

After the backlash from the people(which includes death threats to the execs families), the backlash from the government, everyone else looked at a TV screen as they were stuffing their pockets, and slowly pulled that money back out and returned it to the envelope it came in. They don’t want that problem.

The fact is, the banks DIDN’T need the government’s help all along. If they did, they’d be taking this money.  This bailout was just a huge oversight by the government and greedy execs wanted the money to make bonuses. Thank God AIG got caught when they did or this really would have been ugly.

America will have more to worry about in a year with North Korea. A country that needs to be dealt with, and we have used up all our resources in Iraq and soon Afghanistan. If we ever have a confrontation with Korea, expect the start of World War III, just saying.

And finally. Chris Brown. Rihanna took him back…wow what a shocker. What’s funny is how SHE isn’t going to press charges, but the D.A. still can.

My advice: Prosecute the SH*T outta him! Make Chris Brown an example to the country of what happens in domestic abuse cases. Make him plea bargin, then turn around and just convict him for everything. Use a celebrity to show the rest of the country what happens when you mess around.

Nah, I forgot, because they are celebrities we give them special treatment.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.