EL Custom Shop Light Tape Review



Case modification is pretty much mainstream now, everyone is doing it so you should too right? Lighting is one of the more popular aspects of case modding because if it’s dark inside your case you cant see all of the work that you have done. There are many different things which you can use to light up the inside of your computer: neon lights, cold cathodes, LEDs, and EL light tape. What makes EL cable and EL strips so cool is the fact that they are thin, flexible, and can be cut to fit just about anywhere and on anything.

EL Custom Shop is a company which strives to have the highest quality of EL lighting, their products are supposed to be the brightest, highest quality, and best made. In the past the colors being offered were basic. Your options were: A Pink color phosphor that will give off a soft White light and the familiar Blue/Green light that uses a white color phosphor.

The colors they have developed help to break the mold of the simplicity. They do this by changing the power Inverters frequency and have a color overlay add into the laminate to produce a specific color. Currently they offer Red, Yellow, Orange, and Green, Light blue, Dark Blue, Purple, and White. Each of the colors offered are also available in any of these several different widths.

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The EL cable is really cool and they take a lot of time to make it of very high quality. The lead wire is soldered by hand to the center conductor of the EL wire and 2 hair thin wires bent over and are also hand soldered to the second conductor lead wire both sealed with heat shrink. This manufacturing approach is labor intensive, extremely time consuming and these solder connections often break causing the wire not to work.

EL Custom Shop strives to have the highest quality, their competitor’s comparable products that does have a middle scribe line is the 7/16″ This only has a lighting surface of 0.19 inches and their middle scribe line is 3 times wider then theirs. Light-Strip delivers over 50% more lighting surface then our competitor’s product as shown on the table below.

The EL Cable comes in a rockin back, it came personalized with my logo and website right on the front. Yours will probably have the name of the company of which you made your order with but it is a really cool touch.