DVD Drive Painting Guide



Today we are going to discuss Painting a DVD-RW drive. First we must get the formalities out of the way. I nor OCmodshop are responsible for anything you break, burn or otherwise destroy when attempting to duplicate what is described here. You take sole credit for your actions, mistakes, destroyed property and dead kittens. That said; let’s talk for a second about safety. Most of the serious injuries I have incurred over the years have come from one tool, the deadly X-acto knife. Take you time when using this tool. Always cut away from yourself. Every time you do something stupid with you X-acto knife God kills a kitten. The victim: A new Sony DVD-RW drive.


Tool list

To get a professional quality finish on you spanking new DVD-RW drive you will need the following pieces of equipment: A Philips head screwdriver, masking tape (3M brand preferably), an X-acto knife or razor blade and some fence wire or “bailing” wire. Fence wire can be purchased as most hardware stores 30 feet for about a 1$. Any good painter should have a roll of stiff wire around for their painting projects, and the paint of your choice of course. I like to use Rust-oleum’s “Painter Choice” brand. You will also need a scotch bright pad to scuff the plastic parts.



These First two steps can be considered optional if you are not painting the drives shell or you may not need to open the drive to get the tray and face plate off. Start by checking out the bottom of your DVD-RW drive. There should be 4 small Phillips head screws. Most name brand drive makers will use this type of assembly. Remove those screws and put them in a safe place.


Now remove the bottom plate and set it aside. Some drives have the their guts attached to the top, some the bottom, adjust yourself accordingly and keep up.

Next we must open the drive door and remove the door’s cover so we can take off the face plate. There should be a small hole in the front of your drive. Insert a piece of your wire or an unfolded paper clip into that hole and push till the drive door pops open. The door’s cover can be removed by pulling out on it a little from the bottom and pushing up a bit. This door is in 2 pieces one will remain stock. So I separated the pieces and put the silver cover aside.


Now we must take off the face plate. Every drive I have ever taken apart has had 2 or 3 little tabs like those pictured below. One on the left and right and sometimes one on the top or bottom of the drive. Use a piece of your bailing wire or a toothpick to push those tabs in slightly to free the face plate from the drive


The last part that has to come off can be a bit tricky. Many different drive makers use a different version of what I am about to describe. The drive tray is ridding on a rack of gear teeth, like rack and pinion steering on a car. As the tray slides out it is stopped by a clip or pin on the back of the tray. Pictured below is the tab from this drive, yours may vary slightly. To release this tray all you have to do slide the tray out as far as it will go, push down slightly on the front of the tray and push slightly up on the back of it. If you are having trouble you may need to remove the entire guts from the metal shell and get a closer look.