DS Light on Reserve!

WEEEE I’m really excited! I put a new Nintedo DS light on reserve at GameStop, and I’ll get it on Sunday!! WOOTT!!!! It’ll be for my Hawaii trip… so I won’t get bored on the plane! I’m super excited.

Steven and I put tons of stuff on our Target wedding registry, which is super cool too. He actually thought we had to put everything into a cart and have the checkers put it on the list! LOL! Like Supermarket sweep!! What a weirdo… oh well… we put an Xbox 360 on there… we’ll see what happens with it.
Today I have to teach, and then tomorrow is my bachelorette party! All I know is that it’s going to be at a hotel and I need a bathing suit… I dunno what else we’re going to do… no strippers though, I don’t need other men’s sausages rubbed in my face… I get that enough at home ….
Only 2 weeks left till the wedding. That’s right, next next Friday. I’m completely freaking out…!!! AGHHH!!!! Just nervous… I want everything to go well… it’s just hard to plan these things.  
And no, the weather is really sh*tty here right now. I want it to be hot out so I can run around in shorts and a tank top, but it’s just raining. Hopefully for the wedding it’ll be nice, considering it is OUTSIDE!!! Oh well, screw Washington, I’ll be in Hawaii soon enough…
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