Not many of you know that I am an independent filmmaker.  I was inspired as a child by a video my mom found in a box at a yard sale called “This is horror”.  It was a documentary on how horror films were made.  I watched that video over and over.  When I was 16, after years of writting short stories to entertain my family and friends, I decided to write my first screenplay.  I mentioned this in my Indy Film Course post.  It was called “Crystal Streams”.  It was messy, and without even been acted out I realized it was bad writing.  But it was my first screenplay, and I had written it.  I was much further than most aspiring filmmakers get.  Crystal Streams was never filmed, and the screenplay was lost during all the moving we did when I was a kid.

But I never did give up on writing for screen.  I wrote a few horror scripts, a couple of which were produced and filmed by indie film groups, but turned out to be trash because the director couldn’t seem to grasp that spoken word is only half of a film.  You have to feel engrossed in what is happening on screen, like you are there and this is happening to people you know.  So I hit California two years ago.  I came across a young man named Craig who was working at the local television station.  He got me a job there and we conspired to use the local Hotel and Bar as the setting for a horror movie, with the television station backing us.  Let’s just cut it short and say that things didn’t happen the way I wanted and the film never happened.

So here I am now.  Washington, USA.  I have written two more screenplays, comedies this time, and am now halfway through production on the first one.  I am doing everything independently, what I can’t afford to buy, I make.  I have the support of OCModshop, and a great cast and crew that are donating their time to making a dream of mine happen.  This film is called “Drop-Off”, and is set to wrap up filming in mid-August.  After that I have one month to do any and all editing before the film is shipped out to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival this coming January.

Currently, we are still in the process of getting this thing done.  To track progress on how things are going visit Burn Process Films.  We are still looking for music by indie artists to use in the score, and of course funding.  Any and all contributors will recieve noting in the rolling credits and will get a copy of the film when it is finished, and before we put the DVD up for sell on our website.

Don is an avid gamer, writer, screen writer,part time game maker, film director, and horror film fanatic. You can check out his book "How to Survive Zombies and Other Disasters" on Amazon.