Dreamhack Winter 2012 Coverage

Dreamhack 2012 Poster


Dreamhack was an absolute blast.  I am writing this as of 11:00am after waking up from a sleep-deprived coma, talking to vendors and many long nights of gaming sessions.

I wanted this to be a rolling blog with the happenings each day, but that just wasn’t possible.  There was so much to do.  On one stage there were DJs playing and the other side were professional Starcraft players winning roughly $38,000 cash prizes!  There were several hard-core bands: From pounding hardstyle (Headhunterz) to gajin core (j-core, Helblinde) to a fully fledged metal band (Avatar).

There were also tons of giveaways and raffles, and not to mention a classic PONG competition played on a classic Atari 2600.  I tell you it was quite fun to see the younger players struggling with the seemingly simple controls.

There really was something to do around the clock for the entire duration of Dreamhack.

I’m not really into e-sports so I can’t really tell you much if anything about it, but I do know that before the LAN there were a lot of open matches and a really nice ladder came out for a lot of games.  The finals where played in a big ice hokey stadium next to the Elmia halls (DH Building): again with full sound system, lights, the works!

There were lots of  happy gamers that where rocking 250.000 SEK (Swedish Krona that’s about $37.5k USD and just shy of 29k euro)