Dreamhack Blog: One More Day of Waiting…

pack4dreamhack bus

One more night of waiting left to do. One last sleep in our own cozy and warm beds before the adventure starts. We from Intel Pack4DreamHack are ready. The bus has been stickered. All the amazing goodie bags have been filled and are waiting for their new owners. Our computers have been packed and all the other gear we use during this event is ready. The only thing left to do is wait.

Tomorrow morning a total of 78 people will come together and get on the bus that will drive us all the way to Sweden. The trip will start around noon and will take a total of 19 hours, to arrive at the venue just before it opens at 8am the next morning. Meanwhile we’ll travel about 1300 kilometres through Germany, Denmark and Sweden, taking two ponts during the drive.

Not long after we arrive our own ‘Camp Holland’ will have been realized within Hall B. Recognizable for anyone and everyone by the Dutch flags. And then the fun will really start, some of us will make the most awesome videos, others will take photos of the event and every other Packer will start gaming their hearts out. Later that day we’ll all enjoy our two Dutch DJ’s on the mainstage,  starting with DJ Dixz at 16:30 and ending the night with the best harddance DJ in the world: Headhunterz, famous for his podcast ‘Hard With Style’.

And then we have three more days to go…

Daniël spends his time adding unnecessary umlauts on vowels and customizing cars. He resides in the Netherlands, but will certainly kick the ass of anyone who asks him about tulips, windmills or wooden shoes.