Dragon’s Call II Server 2 Kicks Off


Server 2 of Dragon’s Call II is launched as scheduled in order to meet its loyal players’ need, at 10:00am, Oct. 9th (GMT+8). It is an Asian server, named Willshir, which is a place in game. The official are holding a series of tantalizing events, providing rewarding gifts, so that players could celebrate the opening carnival together. Guess it is deservd to attend! Gamers could enter its Activity Page (http://dc2.gamedp.com/activity/120905/), to participate in the events.

There is hearsay that another two servers are to be published in only 3 days! Whatever! Well, CARD DRAM, one of its system is interesting and attractive, so player can have a try. This system is similar to a gambling game, providing players with some card drawing fun, the opportunity to win some rewards, and some premium services.

Each time players get more than one golden card, and will be granted a chance to use the “Luck Boost” function to change the result of next card-turning. When players get 4, 5 or 6 golden cards at one time, a system prompt will make it public. Also, 10 cards draw and the 9 times Luck Boost use are for free each day.