Doom 3 Performance Concerns

spydrgut said…
Just like id Software is gonna screw up big time if Doom 3 will barely run on a screamin rig.

Remember Q3A anyone?  How about Q2?  Quake?  GLQuake?  All of them pushed current systems to the limit, and would barely run on a “screamin rig”.  Doom 3 will appear to run on a 1 GHz PIII/1.5 GHz P4/1 GHz Athlon with a Radeon 8500 or higher or Geforce 3 or higher.  Personally, with the FireGL 8700, I’m sitting pretty.  It appears tough that the GF FX may get similar performance to the GF3 in Doom 3 if Carmack doesn’t optimize for it.  So, basically, Carmack has the opportunity to kill the GF FX all on his own.  That’s an aweful big gamble nVidia is making.  Carmack is to games what Linus is to free software.