Don't hit girls

I find it funny during this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna shindig that the media is bringing in psychiatrists, counselors, Mike Tyson’s ex, everyone to talk about abusive relationships. Today on CNN it said “Dealing with it” or somthing along with those lines.

This has been a long standing issue in this country and everyone has been quiet or swept it under the rug. Leave it to two celebrities for it to actually be a decent news story. This is so stupid, aside from the lame stories anchors call “News” now, they finally get somthing news worthy and all it took were two over-hyped celebrities to get the word out. Why wait? Why not just do this a few years earlier?

Oh yeah, this is America, we don’t care unless if people who make more money than us, are snobbier than us, and less talented than us are having bad things happen. The same thing happened when Princess Di got into her car crash. The news brought up BACs, driving drunk and how to determine what was enough. OH WOW more news worthy stories and the only way for them to break is celebrities to have problems.

If CNN had the panel today about abusive relationships, the counselors and everything, five months ago…it would have been a NEWS STORY!!! It would have been great, but instead we gotta wait till CELEBRITIES do it!

Wait till Tom Hanks says he plays video games or somthing. Then we can have a panel on “How to get started in video games”

Oh and while we’re on the subject F*CK Chris Brown. He just became the new Tupac, and Rihanna is even more of an idiot for staying with him. I thought she wasn’t that bad, till I realised she liked men like Chris Brown. The fact she’s staying with him knowing every guy in America wants to nail her, and they probably won’t kick her ass.

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