Domestickers Case Badge Review



Glen over at was kind enough to give me my first review material for my website. At the time of this review he has over 120 different case badges that he has designed and made. These case badges are not your ordinary sticker with a little color on them. They are much more. His designs are unique and perfect for your modded case. He not only has AMD and Intel badges but also has many others, some of which are non-computer related. He also makes customized ones. Which you will see later in this review.

I will first start out with the AMD case badges

This is an awesome holographic background badge that says “WhoopAss inside!

You think your computer has a super processor? I think so.

Superman certainly thinks it’s a powerful CPU

Want something simple? This is a stock AMD Athlon case badge with a dome.

This is a stock AMD Athlon XP case badge with a dome.

If you are an AMD overclocker you should love this one. You know those CPUs can get nuclear hot!

Still have a AMD K6-2? Don’t worry domestickers has you covered.

They even have badges for K6 IIIs