Doing Endgame is Fine…Get Everything and You're a Loser.

So it’s come to this. The people getting their new Christmas presents, tearing through their games in 20 hours, and now they are doing the ‘endgame.’

It’s that time where everyone comes in and tells me how much it WAS worth it. How getting the cube of “Chlamydia” was worth it for the final boss. How getting 299 artifacts for next to nothing but an x-box achievement was for the better of the game.


You know it. Now’s the part when they spend one year of their life getting crap that’s absolutely useless.

I don’t do endgame. I’m one of five hardcore gamers that doesn’t do it. I just don’t. Not because I want to be in competition with you guys, but because I got a ton of games to play through, and just not enough time to spend 100 hours with each one. I got a job to keep track of, a book to publish and a sex life to make a half ass attempt at.

So I just don’t do it.

I find games themselves make a piss-poor effort to make me want to do endgame. Why not make some of this crap in the main quest? Why do I have to talk to five different people, do five different sub quests to get the main quest for that ultimate item even started? This isn’t RPGs either, why are you shoving a bunch of collectable crap in , that only serves as a means to buy a strategy guide?

What does this get me? Besides that 100 percent achievement.

The last game, that ever made me want to collect anything after I blasted the final boss was Final Fantasy VII…Made over a decade ago. Why? Because for one thing, there wasn’t much extra to do in the game, and the remaining things were a part of the game. How annoying was it to fly around the world map and see Ruby Weapon just hanging out? I didn’t have to trigger it, I didn’t have to do anything-she’s right there. Screw you Ruby, I’m gonna fight you.

Ok, ok, Knights of the Round is probably considered ridiculous, the chocobo breeding subquest is tedious-but that was there so I could KILL Ruby and Emerald Weapon.
Oh yeah, I never did, I stopped playing. I never got to kill Ruby.

There is nothing wrong with the end game. If you don’t have much money, want to go back and screw around, there’s something there to do. Doing endgame nowadays is fine, but FINISHING endgame only congratulates you on showing you’re a loser.

“No way Pat. I got it, I won, I’m hardcore. I got everything. I’m better, I’m more of a gamer.”

No, if you go 100 percent in a game now, you’re a loser.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Doing extra stuff is fine, doing everything to get 100 percent, and you’re a loser. Because that means you are doing nothing but, and everything else has gone to the wayside.

“Hey Pat. I got everything on my own, no help from a guide.”

Great! That time you took to get everything could have been used on your career, or playing another game. You’re gonna need this experience for your new job after you get fired from no-showing at your current one.

Again. I have nothing against endgame. Doing some of it for the best sword, resolve some plot, etc…is FINE. But doing everything, spending 19 hours against a boss, searching everything for one item that does nothing but give a check in your percentage, only shows you need to rethink your existence.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.