Does Sinofsky’s Departure Mean Windows 8 Will Restore Start Button?

after start8

It’s only been two weeks since the launch of Windows 8.  Although Microsoft claims huge sales figures, not everything is a bed of roses.  Steven Sinofsky, the President of the Windows division was let go from the company on Monday.  While Microsoft claims the break is due to a personality conflict between him and other executive staff, the media backlash over the decision omit Windows’ familiar Start Button is probably a factor.

Sinofsky previously worked with Bill Gates and also worked in the Office division and took over the Windows division to produce Windows 7 and Windows 8.  He championed the Surface,, and Skydrive.  With these accomplishments, he was “the man around campus” at Microsoft, so things had to be pretty severe for them to part ways.

Consumers have been reluctant to jump into the new interface introduced by Windows 8, and those that have apparently want the Start Button back.  Stardock software (who makes software to augment Windows for years) has sold thousands of copies of their Start8 software, which restores the Start Button functionality on the desktop.  Tens of thousands more of the free trial versions have been downloaded, as well.

The last time there was a change in leadership for the Windows team was after Windows Vista, and that’s when Sinofsky took over. Steven’s replacement, Julie Larson-Green was a big evangelist of the new Windows 8’s new Start screen.  This most recent shake-up may mean she has to fix what’s wrong with Windows 8, namely the Start Button.

Microsoft has tried to force the new interface on users for our own good, and it’s not working.   We asked The OCmodshop Magic Eight Ball if Microsoft will release a patch that restores the Start Button to the Windows 8 desktop, and it replied “Signs Point To YES”.

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