DNS Servers Crashed Hard

In case you hadn’t noticed, OCModShop (and all its sister sites) were unreachable at about 5:30 PST.

Apparently the DNS servers I go through went down… all of them. 

So, since the servers were down anyway, I took it upon myself to mount the servers properly in their rack.  I had been piling servers on top of each other while I experimented with a few things… and it had gotten very messy.

Some of the servers didn’t have rails, because I lacked the screws to attach them properly… so I went off to the hardware store.

I took my time and installed the servers right, and even routed power and network cables in a semi-neat way and tied them down. 

I still have a goofy network config, so things aren’t segmented the way they should be.  It took a few hours but I finally got everything working.  I was able to finally ping my servers (a few hours prior the domain wouldn’t even resolve to an IP address).  Then I got my home network up and seeing the Internet.

So, in case you care… that is the reason OCMS was down… again.  I’m going to move to a more reliable DNS server tomorrow.

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