Digital Camera Upgrade

I have been using the following setup for a few years now.

Fuji Finepix 2650 (2MP)
128MB xD memory card
rechargeable AA batteries (8+ hours to recharge)

Due to that camera breaking I decided to upgrade mine and get the Fuji repaired and give it to the wife. So after much research and consideration I bought the following…

Canon A95 (5MP)
512MB Sandisk Ultra II CF card
Rayovac I-C3 15-minute charger and batteries

I am also going to pick up an external USB 2.0 multicard reader so I can read my CF, xD, and Memory Stick cards that I have.

This new camera is much nicer and the quality is amazing. There are tons of manual controls that I still need to figure out but hopefully soon you will see better pictures in reviews.

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