Digital Camcorder Advice

Okay I need some advice: I want to buy a digital camcorder that is really frickin’ sweet and under around $700. Can anyone recommend something?

Picked up a new PS3 game….. it will be revealed in the review. Woot. Finally found my stupid Ipod cables too, YAY!

Hrm what else…. lots of homework today, hopefully picking up some overtime this week at TJ’s. Skipping Spanish today, I figured out that I have learned absolutely NOTHING from going to class. All we do is watch this stupid Spanish soap opera. We don’t go over vocab, verb conjugations, anything… and then we take a really hard ba****d of a test. I think I will be neglecting to take it next quarter, which is sad because I wanted to speak Spanish, but I really hate the way the class is taught. Oh well. Good news, only 2 weeks of class left after this abomination of a school week.

Apparently the game is frickin’ awesome. I’m totally excited to pick it up for the multiplayer action, because I don’t generally like war games otherwise. First I have to get a wireless router for my PS3 though to try out Sony Home.

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