Diddy Kong Racing Review (DS)


Nostalgia in the palm of your hand

Title Diddy Kong Racing DS
Platform Nintendo DS
Genre Racing
Release Date February 6th, 2007
Players 1 for Adventure, up to 7 with wireless multiplayer
Sound Stereo
Rating Everyone (no objectionable violence, blood, gore, or pr0n)

Most people my age were around 10-12 when the N64 came out. Diddy Kong Racing was soon launched after this, competing with Mario Kart for best racing multiplayer. The original Diddy Kong indeed had its glitches, but there was enough fresh material to keep gamers coming back to complete those races and bosses over and over again. Now Nintendo has re-vamped Diddy Kong for the DS, introducing a classic game to a new generation of gamers. Is the new Diddy Kong a faithful adaption? Yes in some ways, but unfortunately it flops in others.

If you’ve played the original Diddy Kong, you will know what to expect once you pop in the game. The story is almost exactly the same, and the beginning of the game carries out like the N64 version: you meet Taj, explore the island, and begin racing in Dino Domain.

This time around, there are some new characters. Our old reliables like Diddy Kong, Tipsy, Timber, T.T., and Taj all make appearances, but there are some new Kongs in the mix as well as some unlockable racers.

The vehicles are also the same. You get to choose between your trusty car, hovercraft, or airplane as means to explore the island. There are ways to upgrade your vehicles, but we’ll save that for later.