Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


8. Profession of Faith

Buy whatever you can, if anything.

Some pods and then you will hit a tunnel. Jump from the front of the tunnel walls and then jump forward to grab the blue fragment on the ceiling. Couple of plants to buster and then some crows to kill.


Lapis River

Touch the red vines to open the path and then just orbs to collect before you take the path to the northwest; use the map.

Ancient Plaza

Some new enemies to fight, and all you do to kill them is jump in the air, snatch them, and then do some aerial combos; that’s it, and they use shields while on the ground.

Then just follow the path all the way back to the church.

Ruined Church

Just kill the enemies with aerial combos and then collect the seed pods in the small room. Then go under the stairs to move on.

Lost Woods

Notice how the shadows look a little weird here. Red the pillar note in the  middle and then look at your shadow. The idea is to keep your shadow at your  back and then go in that direction. There are only three changes to go through before you hit the next area.

Forgotten Ruins

You’re above the place you’ve been before. Just run straight to the door.

Ancient Training Ground

A quick fight before you hit a statue. Feel free to spend some dough on a few vital stars, but don’t go broke, unless you suck at this game a whole lot.  Then proceed.

BOSS: Angelo Credo
Difficulty: Moderate

*NOTE: To guarantee an easy win, just bring two Vital Star M’s.*

This guy is like a White Knight on roids. The idea is to get behind him, but that is hard. I like to snatch at his shield, from which he will knock your  attack off and charge at you, then you roll out of the way and try to buster him, but he will do a slash in the air, so roll away again, and then go buster him for real. It’s a lot of work, but if you master it you won’t take many hits if any. Also, when he’s far away, go ahead and shoot him with charged shots if  you can and normal bullets too for small damage.

I just kept this up and never say any of his other attacks while his health was good. At some point, you can buster him repeatedly for massive damage and then he will turn aggressive. He will fly around and send attacks at you. Just dodge his sword sweeps, jump up and down to avoid his swords, and just wait for him to walk to you from the ground and continue the above strategy. And that’s  about it. Vital Stars can be used if he does you a lot of damage.