Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


7. The She-Viper

Power Up with Snatch 3 if you can, or a Streak 2, and buy a blue orb if you  can. Red Queen Combo C is nice if you want that too. Consider getting the  charge shot for your gun, just for the upcoming boss, and test it during the level if you do.

Plants on the side just as you start. Then run to the structure for a secret mission, but don’t do it since you cannot complete it as Nero. Plants on either side of this dome thing and then move along.

Windswept Valley

Go left and jump along the path to find a Holy Water on a ledge. Then jump down and fight the enemies, or ignore them. You can just Buster these things to kill them. Lots of seed pod things around and then go up the steps and through the door.

Ruined Church

A cutscene and then you meet the flower Scarecrows. You need to avoid their swinging blades, so either buster them or snatch them; they’re real easy to kill once you do.

After the fight, seed pods in this room and then break the glass to reach  more. There is more glass under the stairs, but you can’t go anywhere if you break it. Go up the stairs and lay into the turn wheel. Then quickly follow the platforms as they appear all the way to a door.

Ruined Valley

Use your Devil Bringer to swing your way to another wheel and get it going.  Follow the path and then two Mephisto appear. This is pretty tricky. You must navigate the platforms as they turn red and disappear, and fight the two  demons without falling. Falling means you fight more of the infected scarecrow in a room down below; you kill them and then jump on the teleport to get back, and you have to do it each time you fall. Luckily, if you fall the Mephisto  do not reset, so if you kill one and fall you will only have one left to kill. Just stay watch for the platforms that appear and stay around them, and  abandon red platforms as soon as they turn red. Also, just use snatch a lot to strip the demons of their cloaks, bring them close to you, and then just buster them to death. And then follow the path to the door.

Lapis River

Seed pods all around to replenish any health, as well as one big one on a pillar on the other side of the bridge. When you are on the other side, go  left to find a secret mission on a tree. This one is easy, so do ityou.

Secret Mission 05 – Sky Scraper

It’s not terribly easy, just no risk of death. You just use the pads to jump up and use the Devil Bringer to reach the next ones. For the pad in the cage, you need to enter from within the cage, and it’s a tight squeeze. And from the cage you need to jump on the platfrom on the wall and then line up with the blue point for an easy jump to the top. So from the cage you just land on the  platform, no Devil Bringer needed. If done correctly, should have 40 seconds left.

It’s the cage part that needs work most likely.

When ready, move on.

Ancient Plaza

Smash the seed pods in front of you for a white orb, which adds to your Devil Trigger. Move forward to spawn about six scarecrow and some of those seedlings. Kill the seed monsters first and then focus on the crows. After the fight,  more pods and then move on.

Windswept Valley

Back here, send the blade into the obstacle. More enemies to tango with or  ignore. Send the blade into the other blockage and use the door.

Ruined Valley

You’ll run into some sort of magical flying snake. Just run, ignoring the pods and you’ll reach the end. Go through the door already.

Forgotten Ruins

One of those strange Medusa-like things that you just beat up to get a blue fragment from. Then a couple of enemies to fight before a statue. Feel free to buy whatever you want for a boss fight. Go up the steps.

*NOTE: Don’t be afraid to buy a gold orb if you aren’t that good at this  game.*

Den of the She-Viper

BOSS: Echidna
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

*NOTE: While she’s flying, feel free to shoot her, but not sure if it does damage worth talking about.*

For starters, you need to stay locked-on to her at all times. When she’s  flying around, dodge to a side to avoid her sweeping by attack. When she  lands with a purple bump sticking from her bottom, slash at it and then use a  buster on it; also buster the seedling quickly. When she floats around and reveals her true body, feel free to use your Devil Trigger and shoot the tiny daggers at her. You can also run up and do splits in her face, but be sure to land on the ground and roll backward to dodge her spinning hair.

When she lands and plants herself in the ground, run up and start slashing at her face. Jump in the air and shoot to dodge her tendrils. She will repel you with a force field, but just run back up to her and keep attacking. When she goes limp, slash and then use a buster for maximum damage.

This will cause her to turn yellow. Now she is faster and stronger, and her attacks while in the ground change a bit. When she’s not in the ground, just dodge and attack as usual; three sets of pods around the arena have some health if you need it, also any stars you may have. When she is in the ground, go snatch at her and stay above her head as you inflict your damage. And if  she goes limp again, buster her for the kill.

You get the Sephirothic Fruit. Smash any seeds pods and then go touch the  red vines in the corner to take them down. Go through to end the level.