Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


6. Resurrection

Buy nothing if you can’t afford anything good.

Go around the pit for a fragment before you drop down. Not sure if you can get any of the orbs while falling, but it’s possible. At the bottom just go through the door.

R&D Access

Run up to the door for a cutscene and then a fight. In order to reveal these sharks things, you just use you gun, in case you forgot you had one. Just blast away at one until it bottoms up and then go buster it and then just keep attacking it. The other two will be more aggressive after you kill one, so get the next one quickly. When there is only one, it will be fast and provide you few chances to attack it, but just keep the lock-on held down and shoot whenever you see it. Just roll to avoid their attacks and don’t stay in one  spot for too long. After the fight, go through the door.


Game Room

An odd game you must play here. The dice will rotate in a set pattern: 2 6 3 5 1 4. Now look at the board and notice the first blue spot is just one move away. So wait for the 3, then the 5, and then strike and you should get a roll of 1. There is only a slight delay as you wait for the die to turn to the  number you want. Use Snatch to roll the die and be sorta close. Just remember the pattern above and keep using it as you roll.

The idea is to hit the blue spots, and avoid the red. Some of the blue spots  have tons of bouncing orbs, a few will have chests with chances for orbs too. I have no clue what the red spots do because I missed them all – this game is that easy. The white spots do nothing and I assume the yellow spots mix up the colors or something. You can read the three tablets on the walls for  helpful riddles and text.

Here are the numbers you want for a perfect run through with not hitches  whatsoever: 1 2 5 5 1 5 4 4 3. You can visit the divinity statue if you have  orbs to spend and then go through the open door.

Containment Room

Just move forward for a cutscene.

BOSS: Agnus
Difficulty: Nonexistant

The idea is to Snatch the flying swords and then buster them while they are  on the ground to send them at the window. When the swords come spinning at you, they are incredibly inaccurate, but you can dodge or jump to avoid them. At  times you will see the place shake and an alarm sound. Just wait for about three seconds and then jump into the air and start blasting with your gun to stay in the air as the spinning laser swords go away. Just snatch the flying  enemies, launch them with your buster, and shoot to stay in the air to avoid  the laser, it’s that simple. I took one hit on my first try, there you go.

After you get one mighty cutscene, and then you learn you have what is called  the Devil Trigger, used with L1 when you have three blue spheres full. Jump on the spot where you saw the sword to get a secret red orb and go through the door.

Foris Falls

Sounds familiar, right? Some objects to smash and then hack away at the blue  turn wheel. Then go up the steps and through the door.

*NOTE: Directly in front of the door is a blue orb fragment in the air, but  you need to have Speed and do a long jump off the edge.*

Angel Creation

Go forward for a fight with three White Knights. Kill the first one with the same old tricks, and then feel free to test out the devil trigger on the next two. Then go left toward the three glowing yellow guys to find a secret  mission on the wall behind one of them. This one is easy, so do it now.

Secret Mission 04 – Tracking Treasure Down

Go to the doors that you entered this castle from for some orbs. Then go to the Gyro Blade and spin it away, and the orbs will be where it was. Then jump up to the second level from here and go to the blue wheel on the right for the last bit of orbs. Then go to where the blade was for the fragment.

Back in the lab, run up the steps and to the caged area. Just fight two White Knights and hop down; go right of the ladder to find some hidden orbs. Then  fight a trio and more of White Knights, which you may take a few hits. Feel  free to use your Devil Trigger. Then through the door.

Underground Laboratory

Use the console and then use the jump pads to get up; with barrels on most of the side platforms if you want them. Then out the way you came.

Grand Hall

Just up the stairs and then take either door on the sides to enter the upper  part of the courtyard. There are some Frosts to fight if you want, but you can just run past them.

Foris Falls

Just run all the way across the bridge you just set. Cutscene and keep going.

Forest Entrance

Run forward through the noticably bright and lush forest. You run into Dante and then end level.