Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


5. Trisagion

Might be a good time to buy Speed under the abilities screen, but it’s up to you.

In the graveyard you will fight two Mephisto. You use your normal buster on them twice to take away their cloak and then lay into them. They will recover just once if you do enough damage and only require one more stripping. They are very easy, and you can just stay jumping in the air the whole time.

After, you are told how the Rvsalka thing works. It will reveal secret things for you. You can start by smashing all the items in this graveyard, and then go to the second grove by the wall and stand on the box thing to get free orbs  via your Rvsalka. Then you’ll find another on the third box thing. After you completely destroy the graveyard, go smash the fences by the stairs to find a  secret mission under the steps. Skip it though, I just showed you so you can make a note of it. Just go up the steps and through the door.

*NOTE: Need to wait until after you beat Credo to do this, so skip it here. You can do it now, but you’ll have to dodge attacks and taunt flawlessly.*

Master’s Chamber

Just a fight with some White Knights. If you haven’t realized, do a snatch to  get behind them, then run up and do a buster for an awesome attack. Repeat until all are dead. After the fight you can break the mirror over the fireplace for a secret mission. This is an easy one that has no risk of death.

Secret Mission 10 – Puppet Master

*NOTE: Streak and Speed are good for shaving off valuable seconds.*

The idea is to use this gyro blade to bust 5 blue spires along this hall. Start by turning it on and then streaking into it and send it straight down the hall. Remember to always take your time to line up where you will send this thing.  When you reach the top, launch it into the spire, and after you need to be  sure you line it up with the hallway by not powering it up. Down the other  hall you need to take your time with sending it into the two on the sides. Just use unpowered hits and slowly push it into the sides spires, and then just blast it into the one at the end of the hall.

May need to re-fight the Knights, or don’t. Just go out the door.

Torture Chamber

Go hack away at the blue wheel on the right and the bridge is made. You can play it safe and slowly push the blade to the spire, or just do one powered up blast straight down the path. Not sure what happens if you drop it off the  bridge, but I imagine you have to fight more enemies and bring it up the stairs. Once you crack the blue spire you will take a tumble

At the bottom of the pit, you got some Mephisto to battle with. Remember, two busters and then lay into them; roulette spins help. Then go grab the Wing  Talisman. This will activate a series of jumping platforms that you can take up to the top. On the second jump you will reach a cell with some secret orbs, and on the third you will find an orb rock.

Back in the chamber, a fight with Scarecrows and two Mephisto.

In the large hall you can fight three Frosts, or ignore and enter the grand  hall.

Grand Hall

In the grand hall, jump on the pad you’ve revealed from the broken box and  jump on the chandelier. Cut at the thing hold it up to reveal the path. Go  through the painting and down to the sewer area; use the Devil Bringer to grab the Vital Star.

Underground Laboratory

Just run to end the level.