Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


4. Cold Blooded

Pre-mission, consider grabbing either Roulette Spin or Caliber, but only after you have Streak and Split. And that’s probably it.

Go over the the Gyro Blade and use your Devil Bringer on it. You can slash at these to get them spinning, and when you use your bringer again you will send it flying. Attack them and release when enemies are near. For now, just hit it toward the door to open it and make your way back.



Yep another fight, but this time with less enemies and two Frosts. It’s one Frost and then another. Just keep up the same combos and don’t forget that you can use the Gyro Blade in here too if you want. Smash the objects before you leave.

Grand Hall

You can send the Gyro Blade into the box, but you reveal a seal that you can do nothing with. Enter the door on the right.

Follow the hall up and go into the door on the right to enter the Dining Room.

Dining Room

You have a fight with two white knights, and don’t forget to smash the items on and around the table. Go into the hall and come down to find the blade.  Get it revved up and send it into the long corridor with the fireball. Keep  spinning it up and send it all the way to the end to smash the fireball  machine. Then go touch the red thing on the wall, but only if you don’t mind risking having to die and restart the mission. If you don’t care about these things, then skip ahead.

Secret Mission 02 – Alley-Oop

It’s easier than you think. Just go into the center, jump, at the highest point in your jump lock-on and use the devil bringer, then unlock and use the normal buster, then immediately after you toss him lock-on and devil bring again, and just repeat until you do it five times. You risk little if you stay in the  air, and if you mess up and just keep trying, dead enemies will drop green  orbs. If you do it right, just grab the fragment and you’re done.

But remember, there is a difference between using your devil bringer while  locked-on and not. When not, that is your buster.

Go through the door to be back in the large hall.

Large Hall

Kill the Scarecrows (the enemies I’ve just learned the names of) and then hack at the blue wheel to open the gate. Send the blade through the gate and use it to clear the hallway of enemies. When you get to the top, keep sending it down the other side until it breaks the seal holding the other blade. Send one blade back to the top once the the fourth is free and follow it back as you clear  enemies. Put the third on a spot by the gate and then go bring the fourth onto the other spot. Grab the green orb and go through. Buy a blue orb at the statue if you have the money, I mean orbs.

Central Courtyard

This is the lower level of an area you’ve already gone through. Run forward for a sexy cutscene, and then hack away at the strange beings. After some  hacking, another scene reveals these to be like the tips of those things on  angler fish. The real boss is a toad, I think.

BOSS: Bael
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

It’s pretty simple, just stay away from his front. If you do go for a frontal attack, just quickly go for his throat and avoid his sweeping attacks with the  bait women. Don’t stay in front too long or he will swallow you and cause  massive damage. Once you do get in some good hits, he will go limp, so you run up and use a buster for a powerful attack. It’s always best to run to one  side to avoid most of his attacks.

After that, or before, he will make it snowy and you will only see the  lure women. Fight them as you would, just dodge their attacks and watch for  when one spins around, that is your cue to run away. Keep hacking away at  them and the toad will reappear. If you beat up on one long enough, use a  buster on it and the toad will also reappear.

Then it’s just go after the throat, dodge his attacks, and wait for the  tongue to stick out to finish this fight. He will go red when close to death, and that’s your cue to end it quickly. Feel free to use a vital star or two.

You gain the Rvsalka Corpse and a gate on the left will be open.

*NOTE: Just realized from the main menu of the game that I guessed right on the White Knights, that’s their name!*