Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


3. The White Wing

As far as powering up, Snatch 2 is a good buy. Probably can’t afford Streak or anything else. You’ll notice increases in costs for each thing on the menu, which happens every time you buy something.

As the level starts, run forward and turn right to fight three enemies. Then turn around and go left, break some boards, and hack at a red rock. If the red rock orbs allow you to buy a blue orb at the statue, do it. Back in the room where you fought the enemies, jump up and climb the blue points until you see an opening into a room.

*NOTE: There are two more blue points above this opening. If you use them and then wall kick to go higher, you should see more blue points and you’ll be  taken to a blue orb fragment.*

Some enemies in the room, so do as you’ve been doing. After, jump up into the  tunnel opening and hang a quick left to grab a Vital Star. Break the boards and continue outside.

Fortuna Castle Gate

Jump left for a red orb along the ledges, then follow the path (I’m reminded of the dash feature from the demo as this is a much longer trek than I remember).  After the cutscene, you are fighting two Frost. They are just like normal  enemies, and using the Devil Bringer is a must against them. They have a few added touches, but if you just keep using your bringer and don’t let them up, you will only take a hit or two from the other one so long as two are alive. When it’s just one, you can just keep sending him into the air and slashing. Just don’t let them up, use your bringer, and send them into aerial combos.

After, just run to the castle for a very foxy cutscene (similarities to the  demo end here). Enter the castle.

Grand Hall

Chairs and benches to destroy. There is a statue in the corner and two odd  objects that you can do nothing with. Enter the door on the left.

Large Hall

Three enemies in here spread far apart. To the left is an object you cannot break, but near it is a mirror you can for some orbs. Continue on for three more enemies and then hang a left to enter the door. If you are curious, there are a few more enemies down the hall, some lamps to break and some things to look at, and a door to enter, but just take this door on the west.

Torture Chamber

Fight this bunch of enemies, singling out individuals if you like; use the  streak to send one away from the group if you don’t want to be mobbed. After, climb up some stairs and look over the chamber you just crossed. You will see all the blue points appear and disappear. Use the first one to get across and then the next one. You’ll then need to wait for the next ones to line up and then use them. For the rest, just wait for all of the line to appear and then go over as quickly as you can. If you fall, it’s another fight. When you reach the narrow corridor, follow it to be on the second level of the grand hall.

Grand Hall

Just go up and around to enter the courtyard.

Central Courtyard

Just two more Frosts on your way to the door. The one you don’t fight will  probably send ice spikes your way, so either get close or far away so that he  will come to you.

Foris Falls

Down the steps is a pillar thing with a star above it; just double jump over and use the bringer to grab it at the top of your jump. That’s it, just swing up the other steps to enter the other side of the upper courtyard.

Two more Frosts on this side, so apply the same strategy.

In the Grand Hall, go around the corner and slash at a device that will lower the shields all around this hall. A door will be open, so take it.


A big fight and then just take the open door. If the fights are hard, then I’ll remind you to use the Snatch, High Roller, combo, split, and streak if you  have them. Lots of objects to smash too.


*NOTE: Use the buster, just the regualer O button without locking on, and it may do something very nice to these enemies. Try it on others too. For the White Knights, keep pressing O to cause more damage.*

Just a statue that probably does you little good. Then go through the door.  After the scene, a fight with five white knight things. You just use your  bringer to get up and behind them, then lay into their tops and backs. It’s  real easy, and once you get them down they are like Frosts in that you can  keep them down if you keep using your bringer. If they do stand back up and  go into a guard stance, just use your snatch again. The last wave is with two, which is not hard since you’ve fought two Frosts at a time already.

After you kill them all, small items around this room and there is an upper level you can jump to, but just into the side room and touch the column. You gain the Anima Mercury. End level.