Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


2. La Porte De L'Enfer

Well, after the B-movie quality cutscene, which is why we love DMC, you will go into the mission start screen. Don’t forget to buy skills. You only have 99 to spend, so you can get the Streak for the Red Queen (your sword), or Split. I like split myself. Red orbs are for buying items, but you can’t afford nothing at the moment.

In the mission, you learn of the map and the lock-on. Juse use the buster and  the attack button on the three enemies, simple. Enter the door on the right.

*NOTE: Remember, do the High Roller combo to send enemies into the air, and  follow that up with a split attack, if you bought that skill.*



Two barrels to break and use the wall kick to reach the gold orb. Go up the  stairs and jump across the gap to reach the upper level, and break the crates and barrels in the hall to find your first green orbs, which replenish health. In the room you fight four more enemies, which is easy with the any combos I’ve described. Smash all the objects and move on.

Terrace / Business District

Move forward and enter the first door you see.


Go down the steps and toward the blue thing and press X. You gain the most uberest, coolest ability for the game, Evil Legacy. It allows you to reach far with your Devil Bringer. Before you step on the blue pad, notice on either side of this room that there are green things in the cells. One has a Vital Star S, and you get it by holding R1 and pressing O. Then step on the blue pad and use the Hell Bound again to get up, and then again to reach the door. There  are red orbs in the benches on the upper levels, and above the barred doors if you want them; and you grab the big red orb across the gap with your Hell  Bound.

Terrace / Business District

Use the blue pad to get over the gap. Then you run into a secret mission on a  spike thing.

Secret Mission 01 – Annihilation

It’s a bit harder than you think. The idea is to kill all the enemies before  time expires. Just keep your lock-on on the nearby enemy and use your Hell  Bound to reach for them. Follow up with a High Roller and a split. Do this  for all the enemies and you should be done with about five seconds to spare, or just try again. (the Hell Bound move when used on enemies is called Snatch)

You are rewarded with a Blue Orb Fragment.

Back in the real world, go forward and use the blue pad to enter another fight. Kill the two measly enemies and move on. The next area has another sealed  fight, where you are prompted with the Snatch move I’ve already taught you.  Just lock on, keep pressing O to Snatch, Buster, High Roller, and Split your way to success. Enter the next area.

Residential District

Just drop and run along to learn of the Exceed system, which sounds great,  but it’s a bit confusing. You just briefly hold L2 and then attack, but no  big deal for the moment; though I would encourage you to use it to just test it out. There are two enemies at the corner, some objects to smash, and then  a big rock of red orbs. Hack away at this thing a lot to get all the orbs.

On the left side you can jump up to reach the roof with some red orbs, but you really want the blue orb fragment in a crevice on the left. Then jump down and kill the last enemy if he’s still there. A dumpster to trash and then onward.

Port Caerula

At the dock, as soon as you can, turn left and double jump up the rock wall  to grab a quick orb. Follow the dock to a blue step and go over. Follow the  path to a warehouse.

Customs House

A quick fight and then you need to hack away at a blue turn wheel to unlock the path. Go up and you’ll be outside. Go use the controls and lucky you will get them to work. Then make your way back to the port. You can ignore all the enemies if you want, or you can fight. Cross the bridge and move on.

First Mining Area

Different then the demo, FYI. Red orbs in the water and the Hell Bound up the blue things. Up there will be a thing on the left that you can beat up on to get a blue orb fragment. Then go visit the Divinity Statue. You can buy  some items. I recommend at least the blue orb here, maybe a second but most  likely not. If you are unsure you your ability, maybe buy two Vital Star S’s if you want.

Ferrum Hills

Hmm, also different from the demo, oh well. Just run forward for a boss fight.

BOSS: Berial
Difficulty: Easy

“It’s been a while,” oh yeah, that’s good writing there. Anyway, so long as you keep the houses away from him and save them for later, the green orbs inside  will get you by easily. Just use the Devil Bringer to get up to his head and then slash away. When you land, do it again. When he goes limp and lies on the  ground, slash and then buster for a powerful attack. Be sure to run away and  jump to avoid his recovery attack. At some point, he will start to send fire spires under your feet, so be ready to roll dodge a few times in a row. Jump to avoid his slashes or roll, and roll away from his charge attack. Lead him to the houses if you need health and do another Devil Bringer when he goes down to end the fight, hopefully. It seems attacking from the side of his head, or the  shoulder, works well. You always have that gold orb which will revive you if you’re killed. Just keep snatching and slashing to victory.

After the fight, run to the exit.