Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


Secret Missions

Here are all the secret missions, where to find them, and how to beat them.

*NOTE: That most are here and not in the walkthrough, but that’s by design. I wanted the walkthrough to be as streamlined as possible, only taking on the secret missions that are easy. But here are all of them.*

Secret Mission 01 – Annihilation
Found: Business District / Terrace, Mission 02

It’s a bit harder than you think. The idea is to kill all the enemies before time expires. Just keep your lock-on on the nearby enemy and use your Hell Bound to reach for them. Follow up with a High Roller and a split. Do this for all the enemies and you should be done with about five seconds to spare, or just try again. (the Hell Bound move when used on enemies is called Snatch)

You are rewarded with a Blue Orb Fragment.

Secret Mission 02 – Alley-Oop
Found: Dining Room, Mission 04

It’s easier than you think. Just go into the center, jump, at the highest point in your jump lock-on and use the devil bringer, then unlock and use the normal buster, then immediately after you toss him lock-on and devil bring again, and just repeat until you do it five times. You risk little if you stay in the air, and if you mess up and just keep trying, dead enemies will drop green
orbs. If you do it right, just grab the fragment and you’re done.

But remember, there is a difference between using your devil bringer while locked-on and not. When not, that is your buster.

Secret Mission 03 – Nonviolent Resistance
Found: Soldier’s Graveyard, Mission 05 or 15

The object is to raise the stylish rank without causing damage to anyone. You should wait for after you defeat Credo. Then do this mission as Nero. You need to hold the Frost, jump around, taunt, and repeat until you get a C rank.

Secret Mission 04 – Tracking Treasure Down
Found: Angel Creation, Mission 06

Go to the doors that you entered this castle from for some orbs. Then go to the Gyro Blade and spin it away, and the orbs will be where it was. Then jump up to the second level from here and go to the blue wheel on the right for the last bit of orbs. Then go to where the blade was for the fragment.

Secret Mission 05 – Sky Scraper
Found: Lapis River, Mission 07

It’s not terribly easy, just no risk of death. You just use the pads to jump up and use the Devil Bringer to reach the next ones. For the pad in the cage, you need to enter from within the cage, and it’s a tight squeeze. And from the cage you need to jump on the platfrom on the wall and then line up with the blue point for an easy jump to the top. So from the cage you just land on the platform, no Devil Bringer needed. If done correctly, should have 40 secondsleft.

It’s the cage part that needs work most likely.

Secret Mission 06 – Vermifuge
Found: Security Corridor, Mission 10 or 12

Start by bustering the Scarecrow, but hold it down to hold him. Then jump backwards and up the ledges and take him as far away as you can up on top of the cliff. Then let him go and quickly run back to the Chimera. Jump, snatch, buster, and repeat, but sorta in the middle of the area. Hopefully you do it before the crow falls back down, and if he does, just try to finish off the little dudes with busters because you will kill him if you pick him up again.

*NOTE: It’s way easy if you have the air hike, so consider holding off until
you do.*

Secret Mission 07 – Free Running
Found: Meeting Room, Mission 10 or 12

It’s the same tile sequence from earlier, just with one extra Mephisto and some tiles will take forever to appear. Your best bet is to wait for Air Hike, or try it actually fight. As Nero you will need to buster them, but you only have time on the small tiles with little room. But with Air Hike, you can jump over and over on the small tiles to avoid attacks. The hardest thing is seeing
through their cloaks and knowing where to jump.

*NOTE: Come back when you have level 4 gunslinger and use Pandora’s Argument attack.*

Secret Mission 08 – Royal Blocker
Found: Forest Entrance, Mission 14

The trick is to kill one and then go into Royal Guard mode. I had success blocking the slashing attack, but you have to block attacks successfully in a row, so get to know how to block the pointing finger attack, which is hard. Good luck, and if you ever want to whimp out, just kill the last one or go out the door.

Secret Mission 09 – Unbreakable
Found: Library, Mission 15

Just kill everyone without taking a single hit, easy. Kill the Chimera first using stinger, then stinger the rest, or shotgun infected enemies. For the second wave, use your long range attacks, like the missiles and the shotgun. Good luck.

Secret Mission 10 – Puppet Master
Found: Master’s Chamber, Mission 05

*NOTE: Streak and Speed are good for shaving off valuable seconds.*

The idea is to use this gyro blade to bust 5 blue spires along this hall. Start by turning it on and then streaking into it and send it straight down the hall. Remember to always take your time to line up where you will send this thing. When you reach the top, launch it into the spire, and after you need to be sure you line it up with the hallway by not powering it up. Down the other
hall you need to take your time with sending it into the two on the sides. Just use unpowered hits and slowly push it into the sides spires, and then just blast it into the one at the end of the hall.

Secret Mission 11 – Point of Impact
Found: Fortuna Castle Gate, Mission 16

You need Revenge for the Pandora and Speed to actually do the mission.

To find this one, while going up the steps in the “rock stairs” you will hit a turn where you run into true stairs. Jump up the rock wall to see some orbs. You need to double jump, trickster dash, and then do a Lucifer attack to get up there.

In the mission, you must use the Pandora to destroy two objects. First, stinger over and over to the right, or left. When at level with the bridge, do the Revenge quickly. Then turn around and run to get level with the other statue and do another Revenge.

Secret Mission 12 – Steeplechase
Found: Opera House Plaza, Mission 17

Get to the other side without taking a hit and without slowing time, great. The trick is to have that Disaster Gauge up to full, be in gunslinger, and use the Pandora’s Argument move (check move list). Must have your gunslinger up to level 4.

Mission Blue Orb Fragments

Here is where you find all the orb fragments.

Mission 02: Residential District, in a crevice on the roofs
Mission 02: First Mining Area, Blue Combat Adjusticator
Mission 03: Second Mining Area, use the extra blue points and wall kick to more
Mission 06: At start of level go around the edge for this one
Mission 06: Foris Falls from the labs, use Speed, Air Hike, Streak, whatever
Mission 07: Ruined Valley, BCA (Blue Combat Adjusticator)
Mission 08: Ancient Training Grounds, on ceiling of tunnel
Mission 09: Grand Hall, BCA
Mission 10: The Gauntlet, jump off gap from third cage level
Mission 10: Experiment Disposal, elevator shaft
Mission 11: Advent Chamber, BCA
Mission 12: The Gauntlet, Red Combat Adjusticator
Mission 13: Ruined Church, RCA
Mission 15: Foris Falls, RCA
Mission 16: R&D Access, RCA
Mission 17: Business District, above the cafe

Game Modes

Human – EASY mode

Devil Hunter – MEDIUM mode, and what you should try first

Bloody Palace – beat Devil Hunter; a test of endurance

Son of Sparda – beat Devil Hunter; just the HARD mode of this game.

Dante Must Die – beat Son of Sparda; VERY HARD

Heaven or Hell – beat Son of Sparda; one hit kills for all

Hell and Hell – beat Dante Must Die; die in one hit, not the enemies though


Secret Ending – protect Kyrie for the 90 sec during the credits

Super Costumes – beat Dante Must Die

Artwork – beat each mode (don’t have to beat Human though)