Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


Enemies / Bosses


Scarecrow Just the basic enemy, that actually comes in the Arm and Leg types, but there is little difference. They are slow and don’t do much damage, but if you give them time and let them gang up on you, they’re trouble. Just jump and snatch them to start slashing.
Frost They will block most of your attacks, so snatch them and buster them, then do your combos.
Bianco Angelo (White Knight) Not a big deal, just snatch to get behind them, or just go behind them, and then buster and/or attack. You can buster them for a brutal attack.
Mephisto Buster off their cloaks as Nero, shotgun blast as Dante. When on the ground, you have a limited amount of time to finish them off before they regain their cloaks.
Cutlass Target with your gun and blast until they are out of the ground, then streak or stinger to death.
Gladius Either snatch or let them run into the ground, then buster them and/or attack to kill.
Alto Angelo These lead the White Knights, and they will cause battle formations and strong attacks. When a group powers up for a big blast, you can buster it for a massive attack. Other than that, either kill these guys first or just start picking off the normal knights to disrupt the formations. When attacking Altos, just beat up on their shields, then buster once it’s gone.
Faust Just the leader of the Mephisto, and takes the same approach to take off his cloak, just requires more bustering or more shotgun shells. His attacks can be quite deadly, so avoid when you see him ready to strike.
Chimera Just the seedlings that can infect other enemies. You can buster for an instant kill. Target first so that they don’t make other enemies stronger.
Assault Just fast enemies with shields, but you can just snatch and buster, or use the Swordmaster button while Dante to break their block.
Fault These are demons that travel in the ground and will pull you down into a room where you must fight more enemies. Avoid when you see blue below you, and then slash at them for health orbs.
Mega Scarecrow Give them time and they will do strong attacks. If you can, just charge into them and combo them on the ground, not letting them up. Watch out for the blade that falls from the ground when the die.
Blitz A lightning enemy that you only face a few times. Just attack with the shotgun and with long ranged attack until their electricity goes away, then attack. As Nero, go DT and buster.
Basilisk Just dog enemies that can fire, well, fire at you. You can go long range with the Pandora, or use the shotgun up close. Other than that, just run up and slash away.


Boss Difficulty Notes
Dante Nonexistant Then comes a real fight, where you can die. But it’s hella easy. Just jump and run to him, and you can ignore the bullets as it just wastes time to dodge them. Just use the Buster move on him and keep slashing with your sword. Don’t waste bullets either; not because you actually have a set amount of ammo but because the bullets do little damage. There will be few little bits in there after you use the buster where the two of you go into a sorta dual thing, but I guess just mash buttons because I don’t know if you actually have to do anything. It’s real easy, and if you die then consider dropping down to the human difficulty level in a new game, and if you’re on human, go play outside?

After and in the rank screen, you get a proud soul. These are used before you enter a mission, or at a statue to gain skills. You can even unlearn the skills to learn others.

Berial Easy “It’s been a while,” oh yeah, that’s good writing there. Anyway, so long as you keep the houses away from him and save them for later, the green orbs inside
will get you by easily. Just use the Devil Bringer to get up to his head and then slash away. When you land, do it again. When he goes limp and lies on the
ground, slash and then buster for a powerful attack. Be sure to run away and jump to avoid his recovery attack. At some point, he will start to send fire spires under your feet, so be ready to roll dodge a few times in a row. Jump to avoid his slashes or roll, and roll away from his charge attack. Lead him to the houses if you need health and do another Devil Bringer when he goes down to end the fight, hopefully. It seems attacking from the side of his head, or the shoulder, works well. You always have that gold orb which will revive you if you’re killed. Just keep snatching and slashing to victory.
Bael Easy to Moderate It’s pretty simple, just stay away from his front. If you do go for a frontal attack, just quickly go for his throat and avoid his sweeping attacks with the bait women. Don’t stay in front too long or he will swallow you and cause massive damage. Once you do get in some good hits, he will go limp, so you run up and use a buster for a powerful attack. It’s always best to run to one side to avoid most of his attacks.

After that, or before, he will make it snowy and you will only see the lure women. Fight them as you would, just dodge their attacks and watch for when one spins around, that is your cue to run away. Keep hacking away at them and the toad will reappear. If you beat up on one long enough, use a buster on it and the toad will also reappear.

Then it’s just go after the throat, dodge his attacks, and wait for the tongue to stick out to finish this fight. He will go red when close to death, and that’s your cue to end it quickly. Feel free to use a vital star or two.

Agnus Nonexistant The idea is to Snatch the flying swords and then buster them while they are on the ground to send them at the window. When the swords come spinning at you, they are incredibly inaccurate, but you can dodge or jump to avoid them. At times you will see the place shake and an alarm sound. Just wait for about
three seconds and then jump into the air and start blasting with your gun to stay in the air as the spinning laser swords go away. Just snatch the flying enemies, launch them with your buster, and shoot to stay in the air to avoid the laser, it’s that simple. I took one hit on my first try, there you go. 

After you get one mighty cutscene, and then you learn you have what is called the Devil Trigger, used with L1 when you have three blue spheres full. Jump
on the spot where you saw the sword to get a secret red orb and go through the door.

Echidna Moderate to Hard *NOTE: While she’s flying, feel free to shoot her, but not sure if it does damage worth talking about.*

For starters, you need to stay locked-on to her at all times. When she’s flying around, dodge to a side to avoid her sweeping by attack. When she lands with a purple bump sticking from her bottom, slash at it and then use a buster on it; also buster the seedling quickly. When she floats around and reveals her true body, feel free to use your Devil Trigger and shoot the tiny daggers at her. You can also run up and do splits in her face, but be sure to land on the ground and roll backward to dodge her spinning hair. 

When she lands and plants herself in the ground, run up and start slashing at her face. Jump in the air and shoot to dodge her tendrils. She will repel you
with a force field, but just run back up to her and keep attacking. When she goes limp, slash and then use a buster for maximum damage.

This will cause her to turn yellow. Now she is faster and stronger, and her attacks while in the ground change a bit. When she’s not in the ground, just
dodge and attack as usual; three sets of pods around the arena have some health if you need it, also any stars you may have. When she is in the ground,
go snatch at her and stay above her head as you inflict your damage. And if she goes limp again, buster her for the kill.

Angelo Credo Moderate *NOTE: To guarantee an easy win, just bring two Vital Star M’s.*

This guy is like a White Knight on roids. The idea is to get behind him, but that is hard. I like to snatch at his shield, from which he will knock your attack off and charge at you, then you roll out of the way and try to buster him, but he will do a slash in the air, so roll away again, and then go buster him for real. It’s a lot of work, but if you master it you won’t take many hits if any. Also, when he’s far away, go ahead and shoot him with charged shots if you can and normal bullets too for small damage.

I just kept this up and never say any of his other attacks while his health was good. At some point, you can buster him repeatedly for massive damage and then he will turn aggressive. He will fly around and send attacks at you. Just dodge his sword sweeps, jump up and down to avoid his swords, and just wait for him to walk to you from the ground and continue the above strategy. And that’s about it. Vital Stars can be used if he does you a lot of damage.

Angelo Agnus Moderate You want to always be shooting at him when far away, but you must alway try to get close to him. Always attack him, even to a fault, but don’t use snatch too much or you’ll take some damage. When he has his Gladius flying about (the sword things) you want to grab those with your snatch and buster them to send
use them against him. Just keep the pressure on, roll backward and jump when you see a ring around his back. His ring can send Gladius, the shark things,
fireballs, and will give him blades that will make him spin around before throwing it at you; all can be avoided by jump backward, usually. 

There are three key things to keep your eyes open for. One is when he curls up and glows; that means you need to run up and start bashing into him before he unleashes a big attack. Two is when he says “Your strength will be mine!” That means you need to go into your DT to keep him from sucking some life from you, even using your star to give you magic power; so save your DT for this and turn it off after you repel him. Thirdly, when you’re attacking him, if you ever
see his aura disappear and each hit seems to stagger him, that is your cue to go buster him for a big attack.

The Gladius are key early on, and they can end the fight late, but they stop appearing late. In the later part, you have to save your DT and you have to keep attacking. I would almost advise using the DT to get in big hits, but it’s too risky late in the fight. When you start causing massive damage and stagger him, buster to end it.

*NOTE: Cages for health, but they will get smashed during the fight, and he drops magic orbs when you DT when he tries to steal your health.*

*NOTE: Not sure, but I could have sworn I snatched at him and pulled two Gladius from him. Again, not sure though.*

Dante Round Two Moderate to Hard A cool trick that is guaranteed to work early on is to shoot with him and walk up close and when right in his face do a buster. It doesn’t work later, but that’s all I did in the early part. Once he starts becoming more aggressive, try using busters on him while in DT. That’s about it, it’s all in the buster. If he combos on you, go DT and buster also to break free.

There are some candles and jars on the sides if you need health too. Always keep firing at him. It seems like you two are cancelling each other out, but it appears that you are damaging him; although he may be damaging you. You need to dodge his slashes if you can when up close, but it’s hard to tell when
he will slash. If you want to, you can shoot, get close, and then either streak into him or try to do a snatch and buster. Splits also have a high hit rate, but not guaranteed. It’s just a cagey fight with no set rules. The key is to shoot and get close and then do something.

Sanctus / Savior Moderate This fight is about one thing: pressure. Always stay close to him and do as many combos close as you can. It’s a matter of beating the shield off of him so that you can buster his face. You need to jump and snatch at his two little gizmos flying in the air, but only use them to get close to him. While in the air, just to normal combos or whatever to inflict damage and stay close. He has a fireball, electric, and a big attack, but don’t concern yourself with the first two.

When you do beat the shield off of him, go do some about three or four hits, maybe a streak, then go DT, then buster him, and keep tapping the buster button to do more damage until you throw him away. Then undo your DT to save it. Then he will do his big explosion attack, so stay away. After that, keep up the pressure. When he is flying away from you if you get close, try to corner him or let him do an attack so you can get close. If you’re finding it hard to finish him off before he regenerates his shield, feel free to go DT to break his rings and then buster him before you lose your DT.

Once he is left with about a fourth of his health, he will use the Savior to pound the ground. Just run and right before it strikes, do a dodge. Then you only have a limited amount of time to attack Sanctus. Just break his shield and then try to chase him into a corner, then go DT, break his rings, and then buster for the win. Then watch Nero flip the bird at Dante.

Echidna Round Two Moderate to Hard Same rules as before, just no buster attack. To make up for it, Dante’s sword seems a bit stronger. Remember to shoot when she is away, dodge her attacks, and there are some pods on the sides. Just be aggressive. Double jump at all times while attacking to avoid her tail swipe, and I say just take her swinging hair attack, or attack from the side to try to avoid it. Whatever you do, stay in the air to dodge her tail. And I hope you know it’s a given, but you have to be in Swordmaster to do combos in the air, otherwise you’ll just slash to the ground.

Once she is yellow, keep jumping to avoid her seeds and tail, keep shooting when away, and just go for the kill. Three seed pods on the sides if you need them.

Dagon Easy This is bascially Bael Round Two. The rules for this fight are the same as the last. Go hard at his sides, attack the throat, and Devil Trigger when going at his tongue. You can DT and then use the spinning SM (swordmaster) attack on him for massive damage. And the trick is to close distance between you and him with some stingers.

Then fight the fairy lures. Just go hard after one with a bunch of stingers and he will show back up; press buttons like crazy if he swallows you. Then you can attack a bit, go DT, spin your sword on his tongue, and that should be it. It’s a much easier fight with Dante.

Berial Round Two Easy to Moderate “What the…” again, good writing for this guy. The same rules apply, but you exchange the Devil Bringer with the Air Hike. Just jump up to his head while in Swordmaster and do combos over and over. When his fires to out, go DT and unload into him. Again, keep double jumping to avoid most of his attacks and keep slashing at him. Just two DT barrages on him and you get a very nice cutscene.
Angelo Agnus Round Two Moderate to Hard Gosh, just when the last cutscene was brilliant, they go and do a Peter Parker from Spiderman 3 AND a Jackie Chan from Rush Hour 3 – in a word, lame.

Anyway, save your DT for when he tries to suck out your life, and just stay in Swordmaster to do aerial combos. It’s hard to target him with the Basilisks, but just ignore the pups and lay into him with all you got. Remember to go slash him quickly when he curls up and starts to glow, otherwise you’ll take a nasty attack. And when his health is down to about a fourth or less, go ahead and go DT and just finish him off. Also, if you ever beat him into the ground, go ahead and go DT for some deadly hits.

Savior Moderate to Hard Phase 1

Use the blue pad in front of you to drop to the next platform. On here, the Savior slapped the ground and you can jump on if you aren’t already on, and run up his hand, avoiding his attacks, and attack the two blue spots. Stinger the blue spots to quickly take them out.

*NOTE: There are two electric guns, and I’m not totally sure of the paths to either, but run around enough and you’ll find them.*

He will knock you off once you hit both. You should be on a platform with two pads on both sides. Take the left one and then the next pad, then use a red pad to get to a gun. Turn the wheel quickly to stun the boss’s hand and you can then jump on to smash the next two blue spots.

Now he should be motionless. Ignore all the other enemies and start making a very long journey from jump pad to jump pad. There are two blue spots on his
legs and one on his back. The jump pads seem to help you out as they all take you around. You have a long time to hit all three, so just run and jump. Eventually he will recover and the jump pads will reset. Now make your way to another electric gun and blast the Savior again to get on the hand. Now run up and target the head to start shooting the spot up top.

*NOTE: Make sure you blow off the blue spots completely or else you’ll be in this phase of the fight for a while. If he doesn’t go into shooting from his ring, then you need to use a gun again to knock him out and try to blast the spots you didn’t finish off completely.*

Phase 2

He will use a laser attack from his ring, so just start using the jump pads to run from it. Stop for nothing and you’ll soon hit a divinity statue. Depending on your health and status, consider buying some stars. Then take the jump pad to hit the real fight.

Just keep running and jumping along the platforms. Stop at each one and be close to a jump pad to see what he does. If he does anything but go below your
platform, be ready to use the pad to avoid the attack. Especially run from the laser when that gets ready. When you have an open shot and he’s not attacking,
use your handguns to blast at his chest spot.

The key is when you are at a tiny platform and he goes under it. You’ll see him slowly rise. That is your cue to run up to the edge and start doing whatever massive attacks you can, possibly stingers in DT. That should cause a cutscene where he goes limp and you have a lone jump pad. Take it to arrive square at his chest spot and start hammering away with whatever.

It’s just run until you can get some slashes in, and then hack away when he’s motionless. Try to avoid all his attacks and you may yet survive this fight. Should just take two trips to his chest to win it.

Sanctus Diabolica Moderate to Hard You will pretty much always snatch your way up to him. First combo away his shield. When that is gone, wait for him to do an attack, jump in the air, snatch to him again, and try to attack. He may block, or maybe not. Just keep this up until you make him to limp, DT, slash a bit, and then buster him for a big attack.

After the first buster, he will start to teleport after you bust his shield, so that means jump in the air to avoid his slash. It’s always best to avoid his fireballs, which you’ll know are coming when flames are around him. But just remember, let him do an attack and then go slash him. If he’s blocking you with his sword, snatch and attack again.

At about the halfway point of his health, after you tear off his shield, he will start to teleport to the ground more and do a two-strike combo. This is a good time to jump slightly away and then follow up with a streak and then keep attacking.

Once his health is to the death point, you are now in the realm of rolling the dice. Now if you break his shield, he will go into a sweeping slash attack with the sword. When he is glowing red and winding up, go DT and be ready to hit the buster button. As soon as he charges at you, either the first time or in one of the consecutive sweeps, immediately buster his attack to end the fight. If you’re not in DT, the fight may not end in one blow. Be sure to go DT and just be quick to buster. If you can do this, you will be pretty good at royal blocking.

False Savior Easy to Hard You must jump away and buster his right hand, left from you, and then jump to buster his left hand before it swipes.

Don’t worry, if you die, you get to start from right here again.