Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


20. La Vita Nvova

Before the fight, consider going back and doing previous missions if you aren’t sure about round two with Sanctus. Buy whatever, and be ready for one last  boss fight.

BOSS: Sanctus Diabolica
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

You will pretty much always snatch your way up to him. First combo away his  shield. When that is gone, wait for him to do an attack, jump in the air,  snatch to him again, and try to attack. He may block, or maybe not. Just keep this up until you make him to limp, DT, slash a bit, and then buster him for a big attack.

At about the halfway point of his health, after you tear off his shield, he  will start to teleport to the ground more and do a two-strike combo. This is a good time to jump slightly away and then follow up with a streak and then  keep attacking.

Once his health is to the death point, you are now in the realm of rolling the  dice. Now if you break his shield, he will go into a sweeping slash attack with the sword. When he is glowing red and winding up, go DT and be ready to hit the buster button. As soon as he charges at you, either the first time or in one of the consecutive sweeps, immediately buster his attack to end the fight. If  you’re not in DT, the fight may not end in one blow. Be sure to go DT and just be quick to buster. If you can do this, you will be pretty good at royal  blocking. —–

And then, one last thing to do.

BOSS: False Savior
Difficulty: Easy to Hard (either can or can’t)

You must jump away and buster his right hand, left from you, and then jump to buster his left hand before it swipes.

Don’t worry, if you die, you get to start from right here again.

Now you have beaten the game. Just sit back and watch.

Oh yeah, defend Kyrie from any hits to get something extra after the credits. You just have to keep the fight away from her and quickly kill them. Remember, you can just snatch to keep them away.

*NOTE: The video is on YouTube if you want to save yourself the time.*