Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


19. The Successor

As Nero and in the power up screen, buy Trigger Heart, Snatch 3 if you don’t have it, and either Showdown or Maximum Bet for the Yamato. Remember to refund things like the Charged Shots if you never used them and whatever else. Also get air hike if you don’t have it for him.

As Nero, consider redoing previous missions just to get more orbs or to get  back into the Nero mode of thinking. If you realize you have the buster back and you’re fine with that, go on.

Either way, prepare to face four bosses. A few vital stars for the toad are  all you should need, and maybe one gold orb for insurance.

Within Savior

Just run forward and through the white light.

Board 1

You emerge in a room with some steps and that old dice game is back. Remember the pattern: 2 6 3 5 1 4 . You’re going right on this board, so you want to hit 2; remember, you wait for 1, let 4 pass, and then hit as soon as 4 goes away. You’ll get bouncing orbs at the blue spots. Landing on the purple or  yellow will take you right to the boss fight, but you have to do it no matter what.

Boss Fight 1: White Knights

Just four White Knights and their leader. You can target the leader first, but it’s harder with Nero attacking that shield. Just go DT and start attacking, and follow that up with some busters on the White Knights. It’s just the same old fight as before, just with more knights than usual. Remember, buster away once the shields are gone.

Board 2

Green orb and white orb up in the corners. The piece is going right again, so keep that in mind. Pattern again: 2 6 3 5 1 4 . Go 1, 1, and then 3 or 4 to get to the next fight.

Boss Fight 2: Berial

Yep, him for a third time. Just use Snatch to get up to his head and then  combo away. When the flames go away, go DT and beat him up, and then buster his limp body, or buster when the flames go away. Shouldn’t be too bad for the  third time. Gather the orbs and step on the blue pad when done. —–

Board 3

Two green orbs up top, so grab them. Here’s the pattern: 2 6 3 5 1 4 and if you need help getting through this still, I’m sorry. It’s 3, 2, and 2 or keep  going.

Boss Fight 3: Dagon (Bael?)

Him again, and he should be easier now that you know to attack from his  side. Feel free to go DT and just hack away at his throat. And always buster if you knock him out. The hardest part is when he uses the lure women because they are more aggressive than they were. Just beat them up and try to avoid when they freeze you. If you are frozen or stuck in his mouth, just mash the buttons and go whatever to try and break free.

Board 4

Green and white orb in the corners. Here’s the pattern: 2 6 3 5 1 4. It’s  just three 3’s in a row to the next fight, or keep going.

Boss Fight 4: Echidna

Remember, snatch to her face and combo away, shoot while she’s away, buster the purple spot, beat her up when she’s in the ground, and DT then buster when  she’s limp. It’s that easy. Then feel free to go DT when her life is low and she’s in the ground again. Collect the seed pods and the orbs before leaving.

Board 5

More green orbs in you need them in the corners. Again, the pattern one last time: 2 6 3 5 1 4. Go 3, 5, and 3 to get the final boss.

Boss Fight 5: Angelo Agnus

Yeah, would’ve preferred anything to this guy. At least it’s the earlier form. You know the drill: snatch to face, smash face, use Gladius against him, and DT buster when he’s limp. Save your DT for when he goes to grab you. And  I’ve confirmed, at times you can snatch swords off of him, so buster them if  you do. Feel free to DT when he’s almost dead, and don’t forget the cages for health.

When in the board game room, smash the four pillars, buster the rock wall, and you’re done. Now save before the freaking power blinks out! (trust me, saving your game this time will take forever now that I told you that)