Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


1. Birds of a Feather

When you’re ready to play, the first mission will be more or less a tutorial, and the challenge is not here because you can’t die. I’ll assume Devil Hunter mode and that the tutorials are on.

The first task is to shoot him, so shoot him a lot. Then you must jump to avoid Dante’s attacks, which you just watch his guns move and jump; three times if you didn’t realize. Then comes the slide roll, R1 + sideways with the Lstick + X. Just hold down R1, move in all directions, and press X as Dante attacks.

After the cutscene, press Triangle four times for the Red Queen Combo A.  Feel free to hold R1 as you do it. Then comes the High Roller: R1 + hold back + Triangle. Pretty simple as he taunts a lot.

Another cutscene and then you get to use Nero’s new Devil Bringer, which is  what makes him so awesome (please get to know how to use this early). To do a Buster, just press O near and enemy. Just run up to Dante and do it three times for the next cutscene.

BOSS: Dante
Difficulty: Nonexistant

Then comes a real fight, where you can die. But it’s hella easy. Just jump and run to him, and you can ignore the bullets as it just wastes time to dodge  them. Just use the Buster move on him and keep slashing with your sword. Don’t waste bullets either; not because you actually have a set amount of ammo but because the bullets do little damage. There will be few little bits in there  after you use the buster where the two of you go into a sorta dual thing, but I guess just mash buttons because I don’t know if you actually have to do  anything. It’s real easy, and if you die then consider dropping down to the  human difficulty level in a new game, and if you’re on human, go play outside?

After and in the rank screen, you get a proud soul. These are used before you enter a mission, or at a statue to gain skills. You can even unlearn the skills to learn others.

Don’t forget to always save after a mission.