Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


18. The Destroyer

While powering up, be sure to refund the proud souls for the Lucifer if you didn’t like how it handles. Also, get ready for a long boss battle, which is all the next level is.

Sky Above Fortuna

You now have the Yamato, and to select Dark Slayer style, press your current style again.

BOSS: Savior Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Use the blue pad in front of you to drop to the next platform. On here, the  Savior slapped the ground and you can jump on if you aren’t already on, and run up his hand, avoiding his attacks, and attack the two blue spots. Stinger the blue spots to quickly take them out.

*NOTE: There are two electric guns, and I’m not totally sure of the paths to either, but run around enough and you’ll find them.*

He will knock you off once you hit both. You should be on a platform with two pads on both sides. Take the left one and then the next pad, then use a red pad to get to a gun. Turn the wheel quickly to stun the boss’s hand and you can then jump on to smash the next two blue spots.

Now he should be motionless. Ignore all the other enemies and start making a very long journey from jump pad to jump pad. There are two blue spots on his legs and one on his back. The jump pads seem to help you out as they all take you around. You have a long time to hit all three, so just run and jump. Eventually he will recover and the jump pads will reset. Now make your way to  another electric gun and blast the Savior again to get on the hand. Now run up and target the head to start shooting the spot up top.

*NOTE: Make sure you blow off the blue spots completely or else you’ll be  in this phase of the fight for a while. If he doesn’t go into shooting from his ring, then you need to use a gun again to knock him out and try to blast the  spots you didn’t finish off completely.*

Phase 2

He will use a laser attack from his ring, so just start using the jump pads  to run from it. Stop for nothing and you’ll soon hit a divinity statue.  Depending on your health and status, consider buying some stars. Then take the jump pad to hit the real fight.

Just keep running and jumping along the platforms. Stop at each one and be close to a jump pad to see what he does. If he does anything but go below your platform, be ready to use the pad to avoid the attack. Especially run from the  laser when that gets ready. When you have an open shot and he’s not attacking, use your handguns to blast at his chest spot.

The key is when you are at a tiny platform and he goes under it. You’ll see him slowly rise. That is your cue to run up to the edge and start doing  whatever massive attacks you can, possibly stingers in DT. That should cause a cutscene where he goes limp and you have a lone jump pad. Take it to arrive square at his chest spot and start hammering away with whatever.

It’s just run until you can get some slashes in, and then hack away when he’s  motionless. Try to avoid all his attacks and you may yet survive this fight. Should just take two trips to his chest to win it.