Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


17. Adagia for Strings

I would advise getting the attack for your new armor, if you want, or the  other one for the Pandora if you don’t already have it.

First Minning Area

Just off the edge, grab the orbs in the water, and continue.

Port Caerula

You will fight some Scarecrow and then some Knights and an Alto. Now is a good time to test your Lucifer, but the way to attack with it is pretty crazy.  Now that you can attack in different ways by pressing the analog stick in all directions and it has some cool combos. If at any time you want to ignite the swords, pull back as you attack and are locked-on and all will explode. If you do use this suit the whole battle, expect some damage as the swords don’t have much stopping power, or blow them up a lot. Feel free to use the Gilgamesh or sword if those are better for you (don’t forget to exchange the proud souls if you do or don’t like one weapon).

Residential District

Just some Assaults and Mephisto. The tight quarters to fight here make this a  deadly battle, one that I used the sword on. Just kill the Assaults and then  shotgun the cloaked guys, remember that your twirling sword attack works well. Then smash the orb rock and continue.

Business District / Terrace

Now you are on the ground. Lots of Scarecrows, two Megas, and a gang of  Basilisks. I used swordmaster attack on the scarecrows and double jumped a lot to avoid their attacks. Then I just stingered the Megas into a wall and started comboing away. And I used the shotgun on the dogs, seemed to work better. After the fight, there is a blue orb fragment above the sign for the Restaurant Cafe. Get on the very left side of the green shade thing, double jump to the left of the pointy spike on the rail, and then shoot with your handguns to push  yourself over. Then straight down the road.

Opera House Plaza

On the right, by a gate, smash the trashcan for a secret mission. But I advise saving this for another day.

Secret Mission 12 – Steeplechase

Get to the other side without taking a hit and without slowing time, great.  The trick is to have that Disaster Gauge up to full, be in gunslinger, and use the Pandora’s Argument move (check move list).

Another trashcan nearby has some health. You can enter the storehouse, but I just got the two barrels and went back out. Enter the fountain area for a fight with Mephisto, Knights, Alto, and Faust. Remember, shotgun the cloaks off of  the ghost guys. Then go around a path to a statue and feel free to stock up, grab a few vital stars for insurance, and then enter.

Opera House

BOSS: Angelo Agnus Round Two Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Gosh, just when the last cutscene was brilliant, they go and do a Peter Parker from Spiderman 3 AND a Jackie Chan from Rush Hour 3 – in a word, lame.

Anyway, save your DT for when he tries to suck out your life, and just stay in Swordmaster to do aerial combos. It’s hard to target him with the Basilisks, but just ignore the pups and lay into him with all you got. Remember to go  slash him quickly when he curls up and starts to glow, otherwise you’ll take a nasty attack. And when his health is down to about a fourth or less, go ahead and go DT and just finish him off. Also, if you ever beat him into the ground, go ahead and go DT for some deadly hits.

After the fight, grab the orbs and take the lift.