Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


16. Inferno

You have PF124: Hatred and PF398: Revenge for purchase for your new gun.

Underground Laboratory

Yep, you’re basically on a timer, which is your life bar. As soon as you start, go to your right and beat up on the red guy. Alternate between sword and armor, maybe throw in a DT, and get your style up to S for the fragment. Then grab the green orbs and take the door.

R&D Access

Just three Cutlass, but not only do they drop green orbs, there are many green orbs by the walls. For the fish swords, just use your handguns to stall them  and stinger them to death once they are up. Grab green orbs on your way out.

Game Room

Thankfully, no dice game under pressure. There are tons of Gladius to fight, but no reason to unless you want health; shotgun them and then stinger while they are on the ground if you need some green orbs. But the door is open, so take it.

Containment Room

Just focus on the White Knights, using the Trickster dodge to get behind them and then stingering them to death, and maybe you’ll hit some of the swords in the process. Then have your shotgun in hand and start blasting, or the Pandora, and then stinger the swords while they are in the ground. Then jump up, stand in the beam of light for hidden orbs, and then out.

Foris Falls

Just barrels to smash and that blue orb is still there, but I have no clue  how to get it. You can run off the edge and then try to double jump, but the  camera switch and I think it’s too far away. Maybe you need something else. So just take the door out.

Angel Creation

Just some Knights on this side, and the other. The first group is easy, and  feel free to use the armor along with trickster. The second group has two Altos with them, so kill them first; beating up on them with the armor works really well. Don’t forget the hidden orbs by the ladder and then out.

Underground Laboratory

Barrels on the side as you go up, if you want them. Just jump up and go out.

Grand Hall

Just some benches and chairs to smash, then exit the castle.

Fortuna Castle Gate

Go to the open where you run into some dog demons, the Basilisks. When far away, use your Pandora to blast them, but you need to get up close and start slicing and dicing. Plenty of little rock pillars that you can smash for health if you need it. Then go up the rock stairs on the right to get up the mountain. At the top you can fight the dogs, or just run to the exit, your call.

Second Mining Area

Just get all the way back to the orb rock behind the boards and beat it up. Then go visit the divinity statue and grab some vital stars if you think you can’t handle Berial again. There are no green orbs from houses this time, so take that into consideration.

BOSS: Berial Round Two Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

“What the…” again, good writing for this guy. The same rules apply, but you exchange the Devil Bringer with the Air Hike. Just jump up to his head while in Swordmaster and do combos over and over. When his fires to out, go DT and  unload into him. Again, keep double jumping to avoid most of his attacks and  keep slashing at him. Just two DT barrages on him and you get a very nice  cutscene.

You have the Lucifer now. Grab the orbs, test out the new armor if you want, and then out the door.