Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


15. Fortuna Castle

If you don’t have it now, I REQUIRE THAT YOU HAVE THE AIR HIKE!

Foris Falls

Go to the left and beat up on the red guy, which requires an SS rank. So combo normal hits with Swordmaster hits to hit the end, and don’t forget to switch to your armor for different attacks. Then through the door.

Central Courtyard

You’ll run into a Blitz. The are pretty much just electric Mephisto, and maybe this guy moves a bit quicker. Equip your shotgun and just do air hikes and  shoot three rounds off. Just keep jumping and shooting and moving over and  over. Eventually you will knock off his electric coating and that is your  cue to go attack with all you got. Then he will have red sparks all over him, but I was able to keep jumping and blasting until he died. Proceed onward.

Grand Hall

Just take the door on the right, the one that leads to the Gallery. Just stuff to destroy in the Gallery and then to the Library


Last chance to get that trickster upgrade, at least one. There will be an Alto and his White Knights to greet you. Beat up on him with stinger since he seems the easier target when Dante, and then use trickster moves to get behind and avoid the Knights’ attacks. Plenty of health in the jars around the room. A  door will open that leads to an orb rock, so beat that up. Drop down the steps, but notice the secret mission under the stairs. This is a tough one, like the hardest one in the game. I would advise you to save it for later, and you should save it until you beat the game, or at least get the missiles.

Secret Mission 09 – Unbreakable

Just kill everyone without taking a single hit, easy. Kill the Chimera first using stinger, then stinger the rest, or shotgun infected enemies. For the second wave, use your long range attacks, like the missiles and the shotgun. Good luck.

Large Hall

Just smash some candles and go through the door on the right.

Dining Room

Just run to the table and then fight some Scarecrow and Mega Scarecrows.  Sword works best on the normal ones, and the armor works well on the big guys. Smash the stuff and through the door.

Large Hall

Candlesticks, green orb but save it for later unless you really need it, and a statue on this side. Then to the fun chamber.

Torture Chamber

The Swordmaster spinning attack works well on Frosts, so does the armor. It’s tough, but stingering an enemy away from the pack is a good move. When done, jump into the pit.

Spiral Well

Grab the green orb on the side and then lay into the blue wheel. It makes a  big jumping pad, so use it.

Back in the chamber, cross over the bridge.

Master’s Chambers

Scarecrows to greet you, so keep up the good work. But then another Blitz will drop in. Ignore the crows, or stinger them, but he will come for you. Just start blasting him with the shotgun and he will actually kill the other enemies for you. Just blast, attack when he’s open, and then blast to victory once he’s red.

Soldier’s Graveyard

There is that secret mission under the bridge, but I still don’t think you can do it, so skip it. Just smash all the stuff, jump on the two boxes on the wall for hidden orbs, and then grab anything at the statue. Through the door for another boss.

Central Courtyard

BOSS: Dagon
Difficulty: Easy

This is bascially Bael Round Two. The rules for this fight are the same as  the last. Go hard at his sides, attack the throat, and Devil Trigger when going at his tongue. You can DT and then use the spinning SM (swordmaster)  attack on him for massive damage. And the trick is to close distance between you and him with some stingers.

Then fight the fairy lures. Just go hard after one with a bunch of stingers and he will show back up; press buttons like crazy if he swallows you. Then  you can attack a bit, go DT, spin your sword on his tongue, and that should be it. It’s a much easier fight with Dante.

Then you will get Pandora’s Box after a glorious cutscene. PF013 Epidemic makes it a bowgun while on the ground. Notice the Disaster Gauge between your  two bars of health. Nothing to do but fall down.