Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


14. Forest of Ruin

Buy Kick 13 for your new armor, at the least.

Ancient Training Ground

Proceed down the path to run into a new enemy, the Faults. Just run and don’t  stop for nothing, not even believing. Then you have to fight some enemies, but the Faults seem to only attack once. Kill the Chimera and the other and then get out.

*NOTE: If you do get caught by a Fault, maybe not here but later, you are  taken to that pit from the tile sequence. This is where the Kick 13 for the armor will clean away the enemies quickly.*

*NOTE: Also, when the Faults come up to get you, you can attack them for  health orbs.*

Lapis River

The Faults are here, so just move forward to trigger the fight, which I guess scares them away or something. Or maybe they just don’t go on the bridge. In any case, get to the bridge with you shotgun in hand and start blasting the  Mephisto and kill them with your fancy melee attacks; ditto for the Faust.  After, check the map to see that you need to take the northern exit for the  correct path.

Ancient Plaza

A fight with normal and infected Assaults with some Faults thrown in. If you want to avoid the Faults, get on the wooden steps in the center as they do not go there. If you don’t fear the Faults, be sure to have your sword armed so you aren’t stuck in the combos of your armor. Beat up on the Assaults and  when you see the blue, just jump in the air and over, then slash as the Faults for free health. Kill the enemies and move on.

Windswept Valley

Go forward for a big and confusing fight. It’s hard because of the targetting, which can and will target enemies far away from you. Just go on the aggressive and watch for the double Faults, so jumping in the air will be a habit. There is a spot by the rock in between the two narrow paths that the Faults don’t seem to go on, mayb because of the leaves or twigs on the ground there. Just go all out and after the fight you can punch on the Faults to recover health. Jump up the cliff and out of this area.

Forest Entrance

Almost out of the dreaded forest. An orb rock, seed pods all around, and that  secret mission. There is also a Vital Star M in a tiny hole at the top of the  log, which you must be in and jump up to get (wonder if it was there the  first time?). If you can Royal Block with Dante, which I haven’t even mentioned once, then do the mission here. Otherwise, move on.

Secret Mission 08 – Royal Blocker

The trick is to kill one and then go into Royal Guard mode. I had success  blocking the slashing attack, but you have to block attacks successfully in a row, so get to know how to block the pointing finger attack, which is hard. Good luck, and if you ever want to whimp out, just kill the last one to go  back to real life.

Foris Falls

Just cross the bridge to end it.