Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


13. The Devil Returns

Ugh, you can tell the boss of this level will be most not good at all. Buy the first Trickster upgrade, if you want.

Ancient Training Ground

Just run straight to the doors.

Forgotten Ruins

Go forward and then jump off the platform on the side to get to the area below; trust me, the paths can be confusing if you don’t know where to go. You can  fight the enemies or just run into the purple mist you see.

Windswept Valley

You meet new enemies, Assaults with Chimera in them. The shotgun helps you keep your distance, but just be aggressive otherwise. You’ll take some hits from  the blades on them, but nothing to worry about. Then go straight up the steps  and through the fog.

Ancient Plaza

Turn around and fight the normal Assaults, using the ground-based Swordmaster attack to break their shielding. Smash some seed pods and take the un-misted exit to the river.

Lapis River

You can fight, or just run under the bridge – you’re call. In the valley, just enter the church.

Ruined Church

Go beat up that red thing to an A rank for the orb fragment. Then smash all the seed pods and go under the stairs.

Lost Woods

Fight two infected Assaults and then the old puzzle. Just go: north, south, east, and east. Remember, shadow at your back.

Forgotten Ruins

Grab a few vital stars if you are unsure of how Dante will do against the  beast. Then up the steps.

Den of the She-Viper

BOSS: Echidna Round Two
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

Same rules as before, just no buster attack. To make up for it, Dante’s sword seems a bit stronger. Remember to shoot when she is away, dodge her attacks, and there are some pods on the sides. Just be aggressive. Double jump at all times while attacking to avoid her tail swipe, and I say just take her swinging hair attack, or attack from the side to try to avoid it. Whatever you do, stay in the air to dodge her tail. And I hope you know it’s a given, but you have to be in Swordmaster to do combos in the air, otherwise you’ll just slash to the ground.

Once she is yellow, keep jumping to avoid her seeds and tail, keep shooting  when away, and just go for the kill. Three seed pods on the sides if you need them.

You earn Gilgamesh after the fight. This armor is cool because you can charge  each hit in the combo for different results, and it looks cool. Take the open path in the corner.