Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


12. A New Beginning

Yes, you are now Dante, for better or worse. Cry now that you’ve lost the use of the Devil Bringer so you can get that out of the way. The games changes, well, at least in how you fight. You’re just going to be backtracking with  Dante, so the settings are exactly the same.

First, after all the epic cutscenes, go power up. You are given all the Proud Souls back to use on Dante, but it’s not that many. First, grab the Trigger Heart, then Air Hike, then Speed, then both levels of Stinger for your sword, and then power up your Styles. I say go with Swordmaster and maybe Gunslinger, but the choice is dependent on how you play. And remember, you can always  refund your Proud Souls to change things up.


Ascension Chamber

Just a fight with some Scarecrows, but probably harder than usual. Just go into Swordmaster on the d-pad and try to do aerial combos, or stinger enemies away from the group. You can test out all four skills which do something  different with what was the Devil Bringer button (makes me cry just thinking  about it). Smash the objects and take the northern door into the Meeting Room.

Meeting Room

Statue and secret mission. The secret mission is good to go here too, just use the air hike with Dante to keep hopping up and down. But you can wait for the  flying machine and come back as Dante.

In the table area you meet bigger Scarecrow. Now is a good time to master the Million Stab combo (pause menu and check the skill list). They aren’t too bad, just avoid the falling blade after you kill them. Also, if you didn’t realize, you can only combo in the air while in Swordmaster and pressing O.

Experiment Disposal

Smash the fence for health and take the lift down. If you have the air hike, go get that orb fragment on the upper ring. Then you learn that you have just ten minutes to escape. Drop down into the pit and go grab the gold orb in the  corner. Turn the wheel to lower a cage and get in. The Frosts now become  actual threats without the Devil Bringer. Just Stinger, uppercut, slash down, and whatever; you can even stinger over and over if you feel like it. At the  top, go north and smash an orb rock before moving on.

Security Corridor

Switch to the shotgun and blast the cloaks off the Mephisto, then stinger them to death or whatever. After, go touch the device to learn that you only need to jump up the blades this time as you break the motor. Jump up the blades, air hike helps, and smash the fence. Use the device to slow time and then jump back through the lasers. Some smaller jumps mixed in with longer jumps than last  time, but again, air hike does wonders for the long jumps.

Grand Hall

Almost home. In the main room, fight with a bunch of White Knights and an Alto. Get behind the Knights and then stinger them and combo from the back; use the  trickster evade to avoid damage, and don’t forget you have a shotgun. When the Alto appears, I believe you can kill him to make the others go away, so focus on him. After the fight, feel free to smash the benches and leave. But there is a blue orb fragment you can get if you have the time.

If you have a minute or two, you can go up into the Key Chamber. Just use the device in the center of the room to get out of there and up to The Gauntlet.  Go around and start bashing the red thing to a B rank for the fragment and  orbs; also step in the middle of the pit for those hidden orbs. Then run all the way back to the Grand Hall and out.

Gran Album Bridge

Just some things to smash in the room and then run all the way back.