Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


11. The Ninth Circle

Not sure if you realized or heard, but you can go back and play previous levels to get more orbs. Just don’t waste items when replaying, but you shouldn’t have to. Mission 3 and 5 are easy ones, and from there you can just take on which bosses you feel safest against. But it’s up to you. Either way, I will not  advise any skills or items to buy from here on out.

Advent Chamber

Go to the left and smack the wheel to make the blue points appear; there is  blue medusa thing in the back, but it requires an SSS rank to bust it, so beat it up and then DT buster it, and if that doesn’t work you will have to move on and come back later. Come back when you have more moves, or unleash all your  combos now.

On the second level you fight some Mephisto and a Faust. Then touch the device to call the lift to take you up.

On the third level just go right and through gate for two enemies. Step on an empty lift for hidden orbs and feel free to use the statue. For the blue  points you must jump toward the first one, snatch it, snatch the next, and when you hit the wall you need to jump again to get over. At the next set of blue  points, there is a devil star S in the pit, but you have to fight three White Knights for it, which should be easy. As for the jump, you wait for the second one to be up, then you jump, wait for the third to get up, and then arrive on the other side.

Over the wall will be a lone Alto. Then go right for a green orb. Beat up the blue wheel and then get up to the fourth level, or what we will call the fourth level. Touch the machine for a fight with knights and an Alto (FYI, I just streaked into the Alto the whole time until his shield broke). A green and  white orb by the railing and then make your way back left to the lift. When you get there, there is another teleport pad that can take you to the start, but no reason to use it. Ignore the scarecrows and go up.

On what we will call the fifth level, a cutscene before the boss fight, which was sooner than you or I thought.

BOSS: Sanctus / Savior
Difficulty: Moderate

This fight is about one thing: pressure. Always stay close to him and do as  many combos close as you can. It’s a matter of beating the shield off of him so that you can buster his face. You need to jump and snatch at his two little gizmos flying in the air, but only use them to get close to him. While in the air, just to normal combos or whatever to inflict damage and stay close. He  has a fireball, electric, and a big attack, but don’t concern yourself with  the first two.

When you do beat the shield off of him, go do some about three or four hits, maybe a streak, then go DT, then buster him, and keep tapping the buster button to do more damage until you throw him away. Then undo your DT to save it. Then he will do his big explosion attack, so stay away. After that, keep up the  pressure. When he is flying away from you if you get close, try to corner him or let him do an attack so you can get close. If you’re finding it hard to  finish him off before he regenerates his shield, feel free to go DT to break  his rings and then buster him before you lose your DT.

Once he is left with about a fourth of his health, he will use the Savior to pound the ground. Just run and right before it strikes, do a dodge. Then you only have a limited amount of time to attack Sanctus. Just break his shield and then try to chase him into a corner, then go DT, break his rings, and then buster for the win. Then watch Nero flip the bird at Dante.