Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough


10. Wrapped in Glory

The Gauntlet

You will meet Faust and two Mephisto first. They are really easy, just buster them over and over and then beat them up. They didn’t even attack me they were so nice.

Then you got to open a door in the next cage. Use the slow time device and run through the lasers, careful of their paths. Beat up the wheel to open the  blockage and then run back and fall off to hit the bottom. Run back the way you came, jumping in the pit for the hidden orbs again.

*NOTE: If you call the other cage back down, go to the second level and locate the orb fragment outside the cage. Go up to the third level and jump off the  open gap to a platform on the second level, and then just jump to the fragment in the air.*

Key Chamber

Yeah, another fight, but this time the time device is in play. Use it to do two busters in a row on each White Knight, trying to avoid the cagey Alto.  Then slow down time and start beating him up. When he’s on the ground, just  keep bustering him over and over to kill him. Then use the device to run past the lasers.

Grand Hall

You can beat up that thing again for orbs if you want. The benches are in place and you’ll have to jump over the lasers if you want them. Then just run across the new bridge.

Security Corridor

Slash the benches and then buster the device. Less is more. You need to do  small, tiny jumps to get through these lasers. Just take your time, slightly nudge as you jump, and try to get to the other side in one piece. It will stay in slow motion until you get to the other side. When you do, smash the fence  for health and then go right for a secret mission, but only if you feel like one where you risk death. But it’s hella easy.

Secret Mission 06 – Vermifuge

Start by bustering the Scarecrow, but hold it down to hold him. Then jump  backwards and up the ledges and take him as far away as you can up on top of  the cliff. Then let him go and quickly run back to the Chimera. Jump, snatch, buster, and repeat, but sorta in the middle of the area. Hopefully you do it before the crow falls back down, and if he does, just try to finish off the  little dudes with busters because you will kill him if you pick him up again.


*NOTE: It’s way easy if you have the air hike, so consider holding off until you do.*

When back, jump down to the bottom of the spinning blade room and you will fight the Faust and Mephisto again. After bustering them alot, go touch the  red pillar to slow time. Now use the blades as platforms to get up top, but  you are looking for a door opposite the way you came in. You have two tries at it before the slow mo time expires, then just try again.

Experiment Disposal

Fight four White Knights, which you can buster in the air if you didn’t know. Then smash an orb rock on the right. Cross the cage and beat up the statues. Use the lift and you will see a blue orb fragment along the rings that hold the lift, but I think you need air hike to get it. At the top, smash some stuff and use the door.

Meeting Room

Fight two Altos, but streaking seems to be effective (no, the attack where you dash forward, stripping naked and running around your room in an unproven  method of victory). Then just beat up on one until his shield breaks, then  buster over and over, and then do the other. Be careful to dodge attacks by jumping in the air, and a streak seems to dodge some attacks for you.

Then smash some candlesticks in the hall. You have a secret mission on the  left, and a statue on the right. Ignore the secret mission and stock up for  the upcoming boss. Buy purple orbs if you can and some vital stars with  whatever may be left, or don’t buy vital stars. Then through the door.

Secret Mission 07 – Free Running

It’s the same tile sequence from earlier, just with one extra Mephisto and  some tiles will take forever to appear. Your best bet is to wait for Air Hike, or try it actually fight. As Nero you will need to buster them, but you only  have time on the small tiles with little room. But with Air Hike, you can jump over and over on the small tiles to avoid attacks. The hardest thing is seeing through their cloaks and knowing where to jump.

*NOTE: Come back when you can fly that one machine and just cheat through this with Dante even.* *****

*NOTE: Two Vital Star S’s are all you need. Anything more is just expensive insurance.*

Ascension Chamber

BOSS: Dante Round Two
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

A cool trick that is guaranteed to work early on is to shoot with him and walk up close and when right in his face do a buster. It doesn’t work later, but that’s all I did in the early part. Once he starts becoming more aggressive, try using busters on him while in DT. That’s about it, it’s all in the buster. If he combos on you, go DT and buster also to break free.

There are some candles and jars on the sides if you need health too. Always  keep firing at him. It seems like you two are cancelling each other out, but it appears that you are damaging him; although he may be damaging you. You  need to dodge his slashes if you can when up close, but it’s hard to tell when he will slash. If you want to, you can shoot, get close, and then either  streak into him or try to do a snatch and buster. Splits also have a high  hit rate, but not guaranteed. It’s just a cagey fight with no set rules. The key is to shoot and get close and then do something.